Tuesday , August 16 2022

Nearly 80 witnesses in the trial against Leucin 's neurosurgeon are accused of killing her daughter


It was discovered that the teenage body had died, July 26, 2017 in the apartment of suspects by his partner. Then he had notified the emergency services directly.

The former medical staff member of Lefeven University Hospital (UZ Leuven) was arrested on the same afternoon, while committing to the E314 motorway at Herent, in the Lefwent region. He was arrested by a investigating judge and was charged with murder. A few days later, Ms. Mehrnaz, who is now 51, to kill her daughter.

According to her lawyer, Jef Vermassen, the girl was seriously ill and the mother and daughter were low. The victim had been fighting cancer for several years and in 2017, the medical profession diagnosed him with a brain tumor. The mother, who is a neurosurgeon in UZ Leuven, was also involved in a divorce procedure and would have been the only girl's care.

For Mr Vermassen, his client's place is not in prison but in a psychiatric facility. According to the psychiatric report, Mehrnaz D. suffers from post-traumatic stress, but is responsible for his deeds.

The preliminary hearing is the introductory session in a trial assizes, where the president compiles a list of witnesses on the offer of the various parties involved.

Mehrnaz Didgar, who was jailed in Hasselt jail, was not present on Thursday at the court in Leuven, and the president Peter Hartoch had a lack of absence.

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