Tuesday , August 9 2022

Nearly 500 hate messages received by Muriel Targnion after the demonstration when Theo Francken arrived


Muriel Targnion, mayor of Verviers, alongside the protesters against the Theo Francken conference in Verviers. This decision burned and surprised more. Some people even allowed him to send hate messages and insult. Messages she attracts a job on Facebook.

Scriptures, death threats, requests to get rid of custody for her daughter, incentives to come to her home by giving her private address … Writers do not have hate messages imaginatively to attack Verviers's mayor and her afraid of him probably.

"All this thing? Because I attended peacefully with dad and friends in a protest to express an opinion. Because I did not exclude it even though I could do it to Theo Franken comes because I want freedom of expression, because this freedom of expression goes to the two ways. Because of the night since March, I strongly condemned violent radical left operators And since I left the event because I can not approve this violence, because the constitution allows me to protest even if I am a burgomaster, "he said.

He also notes that, when he is involved in other demonstrations such as the demon against poverty in Morocco or even against Islamic radicals who carry out attacks, no-one is blameless. "It's disgraceful in 2019, when populations and extremists spread over Europe to fight against them," she's trying to lock.

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