Friday , October 23 2020
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Molenbeek: explosion in Athénée Serge Creuz



The installation of new surveillance cameras, including one overlooking the women's dressing room, has caused some tension on Thursday at Athénée Serge Creuz, located in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, who said a union was a representative. .

It was not possible to get to school on Friday morning. Members of staff complained to their union representatives about the installation of new cameras at the school, which was established about two weeks ago. Ignoring the lack of consultation, managers were asked for accounts. He argued by memo that the point had been addressed at a consultation committee, but union representatives noted that this was a matter of renewing the existing cameras, not replacing them.

Students on Thursday discovered that one of the cameras had a view of the girls' dressing room. Their dissatisfaction was expressed with teachers and educators. Parents of students also called the school for it.

Stopping work last October highlighted tensions in this organization between workers and managers.

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