Wednesday , January 27 2021

Metro Exodus: Steam theft keys are for sale in some retailers – News

Everyone was followed with surprise the relationship between Metro Exodus and Steam. Overnight, when the pre-orders were already launched on the Valve platform, Deep Silver has made its shot in a unique Epic Games Shop.

Still, it's still possible to find steam keys to sell in some third party resellers. But be careful, is a recent statement published on the official forum of the game, Deep Silver announces that these codes have actually been stolen where they were printed. As a result, the company publishes that using a key of such type will lead to immediate disregard, while the game will be moved from the user's library. So, you are warned, to play Metro Exodus on the Valve stage, you will need to wait until February 14, 2020.

The software will be moved from the Steam library of all players using unauthorized code. The keys sold on this stage have been stolen and are therefore illegal.

Metro Exodus: A successful opening of the world

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