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[MaJ] The Dead Marking Overkill was canceled on Xbox One? | Xbox One


Our colleagues from as we learn the potential bad news.

[Mise à Jour 21/02/2019] :

Well! The answer did not always come. It's very good that 505 Games have responded to the worry of the players. The answer is clear: console versions of Overkill and the Walking Dead will be beautiful and good! This does not cancel an exit, but there is a simple deferral to allow developers to do the job well. Too bad to not give us a release date, that would have been encouraging us …

Original article:

Indeed, the game developer, Starbeeze, had decided to cancel only and only published his title on Playstation. The Tokyo maker sent an email to players who ordered the game in advance to announce that he would be canceled on the Japanese stage. Of course, Sony will repay buyers who made their order in advance.

Moreover, as our colleagues said, the game would not have met the Starbeeze Interim General Manager's expectations, Mikael Nermark.

That is why we can logically think that the same fate could happen soon for the Xbox One version of Overkill's the Walking Dead.

While still waiting for confirmation or not from a Swedish company.

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