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Laura Smet and David Hallyday are calling for freeze royalties on their father's records


Johnny's elders have called drums to three record companies, Warner, Sony and Universal, to reduce 75% of revenue from rock album sales. Until his death, the singer touched an average 800,000 euros per year. Amount that should double thanks to me My country is love.

The diary album of Johnny Hallyday, My country is love, released October 19, is higher than the record entries Blood for blood in 1999. In one day, he sold 300,000 physical copies. In three weeks, the million sales were exceeded. In light of this success, Laura Smet and David Hallyday made a group of three record companies, Warner, Sony and Universal, to call frozen 75% royalties on their father's albums.

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Older people want to block 75% of rocker's record revenue because this amount equals what themselves, as well as Jade and Joy, should France's law apply to the legacy of the deceased. Their solicitors would have presented this appeal at the end of September with a Tribunal of Grande Instance in Paris. BFMTV reveals that the judges must study the case on November 27th.

So far, Laeticia Hallyday was the only beneficiary, as stated on will, Johnny records profits. At present there is a main source of income. The singer excited about 800,000 euros a year on the sale of his albums. Amount that could double thanks to me My country is love.

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According to BFMTV, Johnny royalties control companies have, however, been able to pay the money since the start of a court case.

David Hallyday and Laura Smet hope to stop these sums from being included in the American trust created by their father before his death. In April, they had already disposed of their father's property and copyright by the Nanterre court.

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