Saturday , October 1 2022

Lady Di disturbed revenge for a blergen over Prince Charles


Although Prince Charles is still waiting for one day to take the throne and thus succeed with a mother, an exposure comes to question her skills for this supreme situation …

Through Lady Diana died more than twenty years agoher memory does not stop the life of Prince Charles. Indeed, although many rumors claim that Queen Elizabeth II could let Prince Charles succeed during his life, many people think that maybe the fathers of William and Harry should not show on the throne, especially because of its age. The future queen will celebrate his 70th birthday on November 14th.

But other revelations question his right ability to govern. Paul Burrell, former Chancellor of Lady Diana He said that the Princess of Wales did not believe his capable man at all, or even "Worthy" of this function. "I do not think we'll never see the King Charles and Queen Camilla on the throne of England. I know he's fine, I know he's the right to & On the throne, I know he had been waiting for all his life, but his wife (Lady Diana) he says: "My husband is not fit for this supreme situation", " who trusted to Mirror. "I believe that the queen can die 101, 102, or 103 years. His mother was almost 102 years old. Longevity is a part of the family. I believe that, for the sake of the monarchy, when Charles arrives there, he will be 80 years old, " Paul Burrell also added.

Already in 1995, when the famous interview with Martin Bashir where Diana Spencer said about her separation from Prince Charles (the couple separated in 1992 while the divorce was clear in 1996) and her husband's infidelity with the Camilla Parker chogleDiana Dragon had provoked that her husband did not want to be a king and was not made about a role like "Stuffy". This is not going to improve Prince Charles's popularity with the British.


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