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Kering, KLM Air France, Bureau Veritas, Eurofins, Vicat, Scor, SGS, Aryzta …




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21/02/2019 | 08:56

The choice varies this morning with luxury, air transport, insurance or cement for the French. Berenberg has adapted its expectations in the area of ​​testing and certification, which includes the French Bureau Veritas and Eurofins. In general, analysts also welcome M6 and have good results.

  • Accentro Real Estate: Kepler Cheuvreux is starting to track the purchase by targeting EUR 10.50.

  • KLM Air France: Barclays continues to be fast online with a target price down from 10 9,70 EUR.

  • Eligible Services: Berenberg continues to be a buyer with a price target of 14,50 12,80 EUR.

  • Aryzta: UBS has dropped from 1.40 CHF 1.26 its remaining neutral goal.

  • BBGI: Jefferies goes from buying to store with a 165GBp change target.

  • BNP Paribas: Societe Generale goes from buying to keep.

  • Bureau Veritas: Berenberg continues to keep with a price target that has fallen by 22 20 EUR.

  • Daetwyler: UBS continues to be a buyer but with a lower target of CHF 202,183.

  • ElringKlinger: Oddo BHF goes from neutral to neutral with a target price dropped by 5 4.50 EUR.

  • Eurofins: Berenberg continues to buy with a target price of EUR 470 475.

  • Intertek: Berenberg goes from buying to keep with a short course goal of 5500 4800 GBp.

  • J Sainsbury: Barclays reduces weight overweight online with a reduced course aim of 340,250 GBp.

  • Kering: Jefferies is still a buyer with a target price of 490 535 EUR.

  • M6: J.P. Morgan continues to be neutral but stands out by 16.50 euros. 17. AlphaValue remains a buyer with a target price of 22.50 EUR 22.50.

  • Panalpina: Citigroup takes over the purchase by targeting 165 CHF.

  • Retirement: Jefferies is waiting at a target price of 37 38.50 EUR.

  • SGS: Berenberg is waiting for a target price to fall by 2600 2300 CHF.

  • Solocal: Midcap Partners Louis Mark Markets reduced its target by 1.41 1.17 EUR through the rest of a buyer.

  • Straumann: Kepler Cheuvreux will buy to keep with price price to convert from CHF 775,780.

  • Match Match: AlphaValue continues to buy with a target price of 514 514 SEK.

  • Vicat: Barclays is still under pressure with a target price down 42 39 EUR.

  • Xilam: Midcap Partners Louis Capital Markets has reduced its target of 60.10 54.30 EUR through the rest of a buyer.

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