Sunday , August 7 2022

Joëlle Milquet (CDH) in the House: MR is afraid to return "reasonable accommodation"



Lucas Ducarme from Brussels ensures that if the HRC does not explain its position on this issue, it will be very difficult to work with them after the elections if the opportunity lends itself.

The choice of Joëlle Milquet in the war of Lucas Ducarme is astonished as the head of the La Chambre discharge Bruxelles. "This option suggests the return of the calls and the community election, and I see a very clear choice on behalf of the HRC, the option of contraception, the MR, cohesion social and living with each other based on integration and co-cultural duties and not the return of socialization as it seems that Joëlle Milquet's choice ", ensures the Koekelbergeois.

"I do not forget Joëlle Milquet, in 2012, was for women's specific pool timetables, wearing the school strip, halal dealers, etc. When she was responsible for intercultural meetings, Mrs Milquet has defended the reasonable accommodation "Lucas Ducarme continues. "This is contrary to the values ​​that we defend in the MR. If the HRC program in Brussels remains one of Joëlle Milquet's political line of time , we can not work with them in Brussels at The If the results of an election lead to discussions between our two parties, if the HRC does not explain its situation on these issues, it can be a real problem for us in the MR . "

In its program, the MR will purport to ban the wearing of religious symbols in schools, public services and for elected officers. It will also confirm the complete separation between the State and the Church. The MR also claims the operation of the mandatory integration route where the candidate must experience information on one of the languages, the Belgian national values.

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