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"It's a violent prison, it's offensive every day, on a journey, it's dead!"


Since his imprisonment, the tongues have been uneasy about the Christian relationship Quesada, which was signed for "keeping and spreading child pornography" and "minority corruption". In a unique documentary, which was broadcast this Thursday, 9 May on Q8, Patrick, the joint "midday master" TF1, made new shock exposures.

Entitled "Christian Quesada, from dream to nightmare", the report focuses on the candidate's mental state. To be held in custody since March 27, Christian Quesada is currently in a single labor at Bourg-en-Bresse prison in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in France. According to a fellow prisoner, this situation would eat the 54-year-old man away. "Honestly, it's worse than depression. It's a shame of what he did. He's taking his treatment to be a KO's taking to pillow Séresta." (anti-anxiety medication) sleeping through the day.There is a low guy treatment.It almost wants to put the rope around his neck. reveals Patrick.

The prisoner also explains that the other prisoners make a living for the Twelve Twelve Cup participant: t "This is one of the most violent prisons. It's offensive every day at 8 o'clock. Because at 8 o'clock the walk and we are too." We'll go for a walk, it's on the roof above and hear us when we are insulting him, if he had been with us he could never talk about his life again. fucking, it's cooked.We are 80, walking on our own, it's dead! ".

The disclosures in video:

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