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It is estimated that there are 3,500 cases per week


The prefecture and the LRA report on the dengue epidemic. Despite the southern winter, the dengue epidemic continues at a high rate: 1,074 cases have been confirmed between May 6 and 12. A scatter continues and the weather is still favorable on for mosquito development. In this particularly sensitive context, it is necessary to move the State, municipalities, co-communities and the population to slow this dynamics.

Since starting the year, more than 12,000 cases have been confirmed with more than 1,000 cases calculated each week. "These are the people whose biological analysis has confirmed that they are suffering from the disease, and the estimates of the number of cases that have had symptoms of the disease and which have consulted with a doctor t (one whether tests have been conducted or not) is around 3,500 cases a week, more than 31,000 people since the beginning of the year " t, it is noted.

The historical hubs of the South (St. Joseph, Little Island, Etang-Salé, St. Louis) are still very active, but diminishing, with the exception of Tampon, where the increase in cases continues. .

Cases are also increasing in the following municipalities: t
• North: Sainte-Marie, Sainte-Suzanne and La Montagne
• In the East: Sainte-Rose and Saint-Benoît
• In the West: Port, Bois-de-Nèfles Saint-Paul, Possession and Guillaume


• Confirmed over 19,000 indigenous cases (including 12,187 cases since 01/01/2019)
• 513 hospitals
(including 357 hospitals since 01/01/2019)
• 1,770 emergency room visits
(including 1,295 emergency room visits since 01/01/2019)
• Nearly 57,000 clinically evocative cases (including more than 31,500 cases since 01/01/2019)
• 14 deaths, 7 of which are directly related to dengue fever. (Since 01/01/2019: 8 deaths, 4 of them are directly related to dengue fever).

Managing a mosquito is everyone's business

Knowing and applying prevention measures to fight the dengue virus remains the most effective way of avoiding contracting the disease and its transfer to those of your scope: t

• Posture # 1: I protect myself from mosquito bites
Using repellents is one of the safest measures to combat the spread of dengue fever. You are advised to have skin repellent at all times so that it can be used during the day, especially in the morning and with the night. In addition, to protect babies and people with bed beds, you are advised to use mosquito nets.

• Posture # 2: I remove still water
Mosquitoes multiply by placing their eggs in containers and objects containing water. To fight a proliferation of mosquitoes, these breeding areas need to be stopped, or emptied each week.

• Posture # 3: I consult a doctor in case of symptoms
The symptoms they have to lead to consultation with your doctor are: t
– high fever
– headache
– muscle pain and / or joint
– feeling of great fatigue.

If the mosquito bites someone ill, it can transmit the disease to a healthy person. For this reason, victims need to argue to protect themselves from mosquito bites to avoid spreading the disease to those of their scope.

• Posture # 4: On Mothering Sunday, Sunday 26 May
– If I use cut flowers: I replace the water of the vases with wet sand at the edge of the container t
– If I used plants in pots: I draw the cups

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