Saturday , January 22 2022

Is Meghan so "incredible" that she fears his assistants? Rumors run



The resignation of "named Duges Sussex" personal assistant, "Melissa" has led to rumors about the last "tireless" behavior. We are now announcing other resignations … planned.

He was presented as an effective professional who played a key role in Prince Harry's curtain with Meghan, Melissa, who was not named after his family and family, had suddenly left Assistant Assistant for Susan Sussex. It was enough to appear suspicions and "witnesses" to talk: would Meghan be impractical, would he have a great head and a beautiful princess's behavior, behave in an objectionable way with the staff of the Palace?

Rumors that are supported by the British tabloids that indicate "sources near Kensington and it is impossible to confirm." Why would she want to leave a prestigious job so fast? It's a real shock, "said anonymous source Daily Mail. Especially for six months ago, other witnesses said the opposite … Kensington Palace did not comment on the subject.

Chain resignations

On the other hand, there are publications of "resignations" chain in Sussex staff and include Samantha Cohen, six months after taking a service with Meghan, just before his marriage. Ms. Cohen, 49, is well-known in Kensington Palace, a long time member of the Queen's personal team after joining the Buckingham Place Press Office in 2001.

Indeed, following the resignation of Edward Lane Fox, private secretary Harry for 5 years, who wanted to spend more time with his family; Samantha Cohen replaced him in acting, but decided to stay another 6 months to help and guide Meghan in his new role as a princess. The six months ending in November …

Compulsory turnover

Teams who work for royal family members make sheltered work that should be challenging and regular moves: last summer, the private secretary of Prince Charles left and Camilla, Mark Leisham, post after 14 years of service. He was replaced by his deputy, Edward Young, Queen's secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, after ten years in post; while Prince William has also announced his right hand, Miguel Head, leaves. And there is no speculation about each other's reliable nature.

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