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Is alcohol actually used higher when it is cold?

The results of new American research are consistent with the belief that living in a cold country leads to more alcohol, exposing the liver to a greater risk of decline.

Is alcohol actually used higher when it is cold?US researchers are investigating the relationship between living in a cold climate, alcohol consumption and the risk of cirrhosis.

A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh University of Gastroenterology investigates the relationship between living in a cold climate, alcohol consumption and the risk of cirrhosis.

Researchers gathered information from 193 sovereign countries, as well as 50 states and 3,144 US counties from data from World Health Organization, World Meteorological Institute and the IHME, World Health Organization. Seattle Public Health Statistics Institute.

Next, researchers looked at the societies between climatic factors (average temperature, sun), alcohol consumption per head, the percentage of the alcohol consumption population and the rate of dipsomania (binge drinking).

The results, published online in the magazine Hepatology, show, like temperatures and hours of reducing the sun, increasing alcohol consumption.

The researchers also found that dark, cold days contribute to the consumption of baits and a higher rate of alcoholic liver disease, the main cause of death among people who drink very heavy over a long period. The same results can be found by comparing the countries of the world and comparing the different counties of the United States.

"There is a belief that has been for decades, but no-one has had to deal with science. Why do Russians drink so much? Why is this also true in Wisconsin? Everyone thinks it is because of the cold weather"said Dr Ramon Bataller, leading author of the study.But we did not get any climate-related paper to eat alcoholic or alcoholic cirrhosis. This study is the first to show scientifically the use of alcohol is higher and alcoholic cirrhosis is more numerous, as in the United States, in the smallest and lowest areas.".

The team said that it took into account other factors that could influence the amount of alcohol used. For example, consuming alcohol that is not consumed among most Arab populations that live in deserted areas of high heat and where the sun is longer.

The researchers also looked at health factors that could expand the effects of alcohol on the liver, such as viral hepatitis, obesity, or the effects of smoking.

"It is important to highlight the number of confusing factors"said Meritxell Ventura-Cots, another author of the study."We have made sure that we provide for most of them. Religion and influence on drinking habits, for example".

Researchers explain that people living in cold climates often use alcohol as a vasodilator, to increase blood flow and increase heat sensation. Drink is also associated with the state depression, which tends to be more severe during the winter months and due to lack of sunlight.

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Cold weather and less sun hours increase the use of alcohol and cirrhosis around the world – Meritxell Ventura-Cots et al. – Hepatology First published: 16 October 2018 (available online)

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