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Internet-TV-GSM VOO subscription at € 69.95 / month: cheaper than Proximus and Orange


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Gregory Bourguignon

VOO becomes cheaper than Proximus and Orange for a subscription on the internet, television and GSM. The price: € 69.95 / month for a reliable 125 Mbps internet, exit TV Box decoder and unlimited GSM subscription with 2GB of 4G data.

The VOO operator has launched a new telecommunications package today: it's called "TRIO TV + NET + Mobile". This is a subscription to the internet, TV and GSM, without the landline.


New VOO internet + TV + GSM subscription pack

  • VOO TRI + NET + Mobile subscription TV
  • Preliminary price € 59.95 for 6 months, then € 69.95
  • Unlimited internet, 125 Mbps speed (Wi-Fi modem)
  • Digital TV, VOO Box Escape Decoder (+ VOOmotion app)
  • GSM subscription with unlimited calls and sms and 2 GB of data in 4G (fair use of a maximum of 6,000 minutes or SMS per month)

We can add more data volume to the subscription gsm with the Databoost option: 8 GB for € 8 / month. This gives a total price of € 77.95 / month for a 10 GB mobile data volume.

And we can add up to 4 mobile subscriptions in the package: € 14 / month for 2 GB or € 22 / month for 10 GB. Calls and sms are unlimited for all SIM cards in the package.

Promotion of promotion promotion

We can choose between 2 VOO promotions:

  • or € 170 discount: -10 € for 6 months (€ 60) + activation and free installation (instead of € 110)
  • 1 smart LED TV Philips 4K for 50 inches (126 cm) worth € 599 (model 50PUS6523)

The first promo enters you to a contract for a period of 6 months. You can continue at the normal price, or cancel the subscription and the operator change.

The second promo enters you to a 24 month contract. You should not have been a VOO internet client in the past 12 months. Television delivery arrives after paying the first bill with the € 110 exit fee.

Recover Astel from € 40 + € 10 per additional mobile phone

Order your TV + NET + Mobile VOO on Astel package and receive a € 40 rebate on the package + € 10 per additional mobile phone.

Here are Astel's booking forms:

You do not need to cancel your Proximus, Orange or Scarlet subscription: VOO will cancel the subscription if you complete the fields associated with the EasySwitch procedure at the final stage of your Astel order. It also works, of course, if you leave VOO for Proximus, Orange or Sgarlet for example.


VOO relative, Proximus, Orange and Scarlet

This new VOO package has a specially located location on the Belgian market, which is helped by promoting it launching: it's cheaper than the Proximus and Orange packages . From 2 GSM in the package, VOO is becoming cheaper even than Scarlet, a Proxy low-cost subsidiary.

The VOO TRIO TV + NET + Mobile subscription can be compared with the subscriptions of Proximus Minimus and Orange Love. Price comparison:

With 1 GSM in the package, the Scarlet subscription continues to be cheaper. But as soon as you add a second SIM card, the VOO subscription becomes cheaper. You can compare to the Astel comparator and change operator on our website.

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