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Huggy & Bar, the fast-fast food burgers, will be profitable in 2018


Hug Hug's Bar has 9 gourmet burgers. It has risen 1.1 million through Invest For Jobs. The sign will finish for the first time this year in the green. Three organizations will open in 2019.

In the extremely competitive burgers – fast food market, gourmet burger chains (Byrger Ellis Gourmet, The Be Burger, The Manhattan is), etc. – the Liège Bar Huggy take a little It depends on choice (43 types of burgers) a local products (It comes from a butchers' shop in Liège). And he developed with Bragdy Curtius variety of Eight beer donated to meals, all in an atmosphere that reminds American "sporting bars". In fact, the idea of ​​Hug Hug's was the United States. In 2011, Thomas Mémurlin ac Roberto Navarro go there on holiday, after their studies at HEC Liège. They discover the "gourmet" burger: real restaurants, board service, wide offer. Nothing to do with traditional fast food. Inspired by their discovery, in 2012 they opened the first Hug Hug in Liege in securing their backs by working in consultation: Thomas at Accenture in Luxembourg and Roberto One in Chicago. "It allowed us to train, learn and refine the concept, tells Thomas Memurlinbut over time, as we liked the adventure, we wanted to do it in our life project, to create a brand concept. "

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Setting character will help them: Gabriel Jean, investor advisor. "He liked our project, we sold shares in exchange for money and advice, led us, challenged, opened his address book and put 1.5 million on board, what to fund in their own funds. the first ten restaurants. " In addition to the support of their mentor and their savings, both entrepreneurs, who have the majority of the company, also succeeded convincing Meusinvest and BNPP Paribas, Fortis to fund. This has allowed them to open nine most recent restaurants: 6 in the Liège region, two in Brussels and more recently one at Charleroi.

Problem. As Meusinvest can not invest in its "catchment" only and the duo does not have enough capital to follow the development of a talented capital brand – 600,000 euros per restaurant outside of walls – he had to find another source of money. "I have been referred to the Business Investment Fund, Details of Thomas Memurlin; it has put 1.1 million in the form of a loan, which allows it to take over from Meusinvest where the latter can not go. "

Bar Huggy

  • Created: 2012.
  • shareholders: Thomas Mémurlin and Roberto Navarro (majority), Gabriel Jean.
  • Number of restaurants: 9 (12 in 2019).
  • staff: 200 (130 or FTE).
  • Turnover: between 1.4 and 1.7 million euros per restaurant.

As the name suggests, Invest to Jobs, created by the social partners of the metallurgy and the Agoria technology federation, is a private fund with a social purpose: "As we have created many jobs, 200 (130 FTEGs) so far, The the project stopped them ", notes Thomas Memurlin. This injection will allow Huggy's Bar to open three new restaurants in 2019, two in Charleroi and one in Namur. Ultimately, they target two openings a year to reach a network of 15 to 20 restaurants, no more. "We do not want to open over the space because we want to keep control of the concept, quality of warranty, explains Thomas Mémurlin; that is why we do not bet on a franchise, even if it allowed us to grow faster. " Except, as in the case of Sprimont, when an entrepreneur arrived at an excellent location.

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Entrepreneurs do not say too much in a hurry. Flanders appear to be naturally expanding, such as North France. This warning will enable the flag to be profitable for the first time this year. Each restaurant maintains a Annual turnover ranges from 1.4 to 1.8 million, the latter is profitable faster with edges ranging from 4 to 6%. What will one day attract investors? "We have already discussed it between we see, Thomas Memurlin ends. Today we have fun, here's a baby and we do not have the will to give it up. "

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