Thursday , December 3 2020

HIV contamination is down in the Alpes-Maritimes t

In the Maritimes-Alpes, there is a decline in HIV contamination. 60 people were taken in charge of new contamination in 2018 against 91 in 2016, a decrease of 34%. This is mainly about men who have sex with other men. However, our department is the most affected HIV in the PACA region by HIV and PACA is the most affected region after Ile de France.

The department has set an AIDS nil in 2023, requires more prevention, screening, rapid testing, preventative medication which is also increasingly used by those most at risk.

PrEP, a preventative medicine that benefits 600 people in the department

Since 2016, PrEP has halted 40 contaminants, estimated at the Alpes-Maritimes. We met at the screening center in Nice "Prépeurs" as they say they use this drug for a year or more. They say that they have virtually no side effects, they take the medication before and after sex at risk or as an ongoing treatment. "I feel calm in your mind, " testifies to one of them, "With the drug I can't have it contaminated and if the condom is cracking, it's better. I also have my medical monitoring every three months for other sexually transmitted infections by doctors and nurses of the information and screening center ".

CeGIDD, established in 2016: sexual health service

To fight the AIDS virus and sexually transmitted infections, the Center for Information, Screening and Diagnosis for Sexually Transmitted Infections welcomes free and anonymous people in Nice, with a multidisciplinary team of 22 people. Nearly 8,800 consultations took place last year, with nearly 3,000 HIV tests. There are also two antennas in Antibes and Menton and a nurse consultation in Beausoleil.

There are also CeGIDD partners like SIS Animation, Santé info et Solidarité, which ensures stability with health professionals at the center, arranges screening tests out of the walls, interferes with young audiences, gay people, drug users or prisoners. There is also a partnership with ENIPSE, working on the sexual health of party venue users and providing them with preventative equipment.

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