Friday , December 4 2020

Her Tesla is stolen, she uses the app to make thieves live a nightmare

Welcome to 2020 where thanks to your smartphone you can now stop stealing your vehicle. You can’t stop progress!


It’s a crazy storyAnnabelle Brett, a radio presenter in Canberra, Australia, who, while preparing for work, received a warning from her phone telling her triggering his car alarm. Truly, thieves tried to leave with his Tesla Model 3.

While the disappearance of the car was confirmed by a friend who had visited the site, Annabelle Brett began giving the donations through a nightmare while waiting for police to arrive. To slow their progress, the application used Tesla on its phone, connected to its vehicle, and made the car speed up, open the windows, sound the horn … A terrible day at work for thieves who probably didn’t expect such an adventure. Filmed by CCTV cameras, they left the vehicle before jumping into another car.

And because misfortune never happens alone, during their flight, one of the thieves forgot his driving license in an Australian car. An essential element for the police that allows them to arrest suspects. Upon release from prison, donors will surely think twice before attacking Tesla’s Model 3 and will certainly favor stealing a Fiat Panda … it’s less of a risk.

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