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Research & Counseling Institute in family & familyUniversity of Friborg Publishes recommendations for managing anxiety disorders with or without hyperactivity (ADHD). The guide argues about changing a perspective in accompaniment.

The name & document is "Managing Children" and provides recommendations for managing ADHD in the decision-making process. By changing the accompaniment approach, he intends to listen and hear the children, said on Thursday, University of Friborg, in a statement.


The guide asks "one" to put it on board, school books that have been forgotten at home or repeated in the yard are part of the normal evolution of a child or not ADHD symptoms.

The symptoms of a lack of attention with or without hyperactivity are as frequent as children. The ADHD recommendations published in the decision making process help to help those involved during the review period.

The advice provided by the guide is to prevent children with ADHD symptoms from being treated too quickly or, to the opposite, to go uncovered and untreated.

Around table

In general, when there is suspicion of ADHD in a child, at least four people participate in the review process and decide: the child itself, the parents, a teacher, and a health professional.

The recommendations suggest that these stakeholders meet at least once around a board to exchange, not only to make the most of resources, but also to improve skills.

The roundtable can support normal bilateral interviews between parents and teachers, or between parents and the health professional. The important thing is that the child can be integrated. "He must be able to find out about the possible steps and express his opinion," states the solicitor and Professor Sandra Hotz.

"The child has rights, and it's important to keep them in mind throughout the decision-making process," said Sandra Hotz, who edited the book, quoted in the statement. Children must be comforted and taken seriously in their ability to self-determine.

"This ability to self-determination, which is jointly between family interests, education and health, must be considered," adds the solicitor and the teacher.

Change point of view

The active or passive participation of children in the process must also constantly remind the parties that the child must be at the heart of decisions. Therefore, it is not about treating the child so that he has fewer problems at school and at home, but rather to adjust the environment to his / her specific needs.

"Sandra Hotz added," adds Sandra Hotz, as a specific selection of books at school or which highlights the most important sentence in a test, can make life easier for these children. "To know where a child needs help, where their weaknesses are precisely, it is essential that all actors talk to each other and combine their efforts.

The recommendations were developed with the participation of health science representatives from the University of Zurich Applied Sciences and specialists in pediatricians (Cantonal Winterthur Hospital), children's psychiatry (University of Zurich Psychiatric Clinic) and pedagogy.
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