Friday , October 30 2020

Guillaume Gillet looks back on his magical night with Lens RC (VIDEO) t

Red Devils

Guillaume Gillet scored the night on Tuesday the clear goal for RC Lens who still dreams of returning to Ligue 1. The Belgian returned to this definite moment in the French newspaper and newspaper. The Team.

"In the past, I had already faced significant penalties and this had often gone well, you have to take your responsibilities in those moments, it's always a bit difficult," he explained; r before Red Dialogue. to the 22 options.

Immediately after its realization, Guillaume Gillet turned to his supporters in an atmosphere of madness: "I couldn't hold our emotions back in those moments, I went to see the fans, they sacrificed hugely for our fans." When we see the lensoise forum, it's great, "it's rejected before planning in the future:" We don't want the season to end. We want to return to Bollaert-Delelis once again before the end of the season.This is all we think.It has to give the best to the tension quickly.There is a big Friday deadline in Troyes.

Leaving Paris Paris, RC Lens joins Troyes in pre-mortgages and can always dream of returning to Ligue 1.

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