Thursday , October 22 2020
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Google fits Android app evaluation – ICT news


Google will change the way apps are valued on Google Play. The aim is to see the latest status of these apps.

Google has announced that it will modify app grades in Google Play Store. To update the apps grades as much as possible, the company will give more weight to the reviews of the latest versions of these apps. The problem, which will be solved (hopefully), is the fact that the apps, when they are launched, are subject to a whole series of evaluations, but in the years following, they are have a crew changes or are no longer supported. The Apple App Store responds by allowing developers to delete an appraisal history and start from the start; from time to time.

"You told us that you wanted an app appraisal as it is today, not how we worked years ago, and we agree with you," he said. state Milena Nikolic, Google Play Console director, on the podium of Google Developers Conference I / O. The solution launched by Google includes an algorithm to review the evaluation of all Android apps in the Google PLAY Store. Instead of the cumulative value of all evaluations since the first version of an app, the new algorithm will give more weight to more recent assessments. This is how users should be able to find out the condition of the app, if it is still supported, if it is improved, and so on.

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