Friday , August 19 2022

Google could announce a consol for its cloud gaming service next month


The information

9to5Google says that Google could take advantage of its GDC headquarters on March 19 to announce a hardware gaming platform that will accompany the offer of cloud gaming.

What does that mean

For three months, Google had opened a limited beta of a cloud gaming service, the name of the Stream Project code. It allowed, with no other restriction than having a 25 Mbit / s Internet connection and a machine for running Chrome, to play Odyssey Creed Assassin.

Now Google could move to the second phase of its grand project and lift the curtains on the hardware platform, name of the Yeti code, which will fit into a streaming service. This hardware component would aim to let users play on their TV.

Originally, Google would have considered developing a type of dongle Chromecast for the game. Then the product would have taken shape closer to the comfort of a game with a manager.

The service and platform would have internal tests for some time and would even offer a chat service at stake, according 9to5Google. The website also specifies that the road map for the Yeti project would be stopped and the launch came to.

The context

Google could confirm its presence in the video game industry in the cloud at a time when the big names of the technology appear to want to locate themselves, whether in Microsoft or Amazon.

Although rumors suggest that a new Xbox, which relies on the dematerialized, could soon be published, the advent of horses like Google could not want to play the gaming landscape.


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