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Géraldine paid a payment of 1,000 euros down for frame but the company went bankrupt: 650 Walloon families are concerned t


P.K. The chassis was declared bankrupt. He was active in Brussels and throughout Wallonia. Forthcoming orders are frozen. Hundreds of customers had already paid a deposit, they feared receiving their chassis and their money, revealing Sudpresse.

Géraldine had been waiting for the introduction of her door frame since January. With the declared failure of P.K. Chassis, resident Châtelineau continues without news: "No-one became apparent, as no-one had answered. I feel ashamed of me."

Géraldine Perrone only bought this house she is renovating. For this she had to get a loan from her bank. "I asked this company to change four chasses, I had a total of 2,500 euros. They asked me for a 1,000 down payment, and I made the payment in January. It was a work loan, so I will pay them for thirty years and I won't have my money because they're going bankrupt. And I learned it by chance"The customer's disappointed."

650 Waloon families are concerned

Like Géraldine, 650 Walloon families would be vulnerable. Most have already paid a deposit ranging from 40 to 90% of the final price. Some customers have paid more than 7.000 euros that they will never see again.

"Again, the big companies, the big suppliers who will be reimbursed in the first place and not … I don't find that normal. We are here, we exist. The 1,000 euros, the society had them, so I don't see why we wouldn't be compensated, even a little", answered Géraldine.

All receivables are huge: 1.1 million euros. Amount is much more than the company's assets.

Almost no hope of seeing his money again

"I think we will have an asset worth around 300,000 euros and debts for two million euros. When you paid the organization, that is, the State, the NSSO and others, I think the clients don't have the chance of getting a dividend to distribute them among them"said François Étienne, a lawyer-curator at the Namur Bar.

This is not the first time bankruptcy of this type has occurred when selling chassis. According to the curator, authorities would not have sufficient restrictions and controls on access to the profession.

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