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"Galley, Galley, Galley": The new pledge of the Michel government

Student shortcomings are constantly increasing. "Galley, Galley, Galley" is what the Government has for our younger generations of employees and pensioners tomorrow.


Not by Robert Vertenueil
President of the FGTB

The time for our heads to settle in their books and the syllabus are approaching. The youngest will go to the exam soon, and the others during the obstruction. On this international day of students, we have a bitter collection on us. Our students, tomorrow's workers, see the sky darkening. The only benefit for the future that the political world, and this government in particular, can be summarized to young people in one word: "precariousness".

As stated by the FSF, student prejudice is increasing steadily. So, there were almost 27,000 students speaking in French who can, to be able to follow their courses, beat the doors of the CPAS.

In light of this horrible observation, from a scale known to date, the only promise to the future that this Government is doing is the gale!

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"Galley, Galley, Galley" That's what the Government holds for our younger generations of employees and pensioners tomorrow.

gali first, to find a suitable job. The youth unemployment rate in Belgium remains a serious concern. Far from the government's political rhetoric of "reducing unemployment", we see that youth unemployment continues to grow. Naturally, this trend does not appear in the figures for unemployed people completely completed by ONEM. These have simply forgotten. The missing young people are still 59 204 in September 2018. Statisticians have also developed a specific category to describe young people who have forgotten: the NEET. acronym for "Not in Employment, Education or Training"), which corresponds to the percentage of 18 to 25 year olds who are not in employment, education or training. For these young people, there is no job, no income or no support!


If we can agree the fact that structural measures are important to promote the integration of young people into the labor market, we can not accept everything! "Employment" is not weird with "vulnerability". However, the Michel Government has really led the quality of jobs offered to young people. The aim of the Initial Jobs and other uncommon contracts is to integrate junior generations rapidly into the labor market without ignoring their right rights and recognition.

The Michel Government wanted to reduce the salaries of young people, probably, "increasing employment".

galithen, to do his work in decent conditions and for living wages. For example, the increasing recovery of the youth pay. The Famous Starter Workers! Despite the unanimous agreement of the social partners to prevent the decline of youth salaries, the Government only does and punish young people once again. The Michel Government wanted to reduce the salaries of young people, probably, "increasing employment". Certainly, young people will lose 6 to 18% of their gross salary. In addition to bonuses and savings that will decrease. Recall that this measure clearly does not create jobs as stated by the Government! Furthermore, as well as reducing the salaries of young people, this government wants tomorrow workers to receive hyperflexibility and availability every minute.

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gali finally, at the time of the pension. With the abolition of the pension bonus and pension reforms began, the government is now to decide on measures that will affect generations. Rather than trying to find possible solutions to provide a decent pension to end his life with no concern and with dignity, the whole pension policy under this government is taken economically. The government prefers paying hard for young people, tomorrow's pensioners.

In any case, if the future of our pensions continue to be subject to budgetary savings measures, one thing is certain … our young people will not have a little or no public pension! Have fun throughout their life or not! It is now more than ever, both young and old, we have to fight for decent pensions that are taken at a reasonable time.

Because, in the FGTB, we refuse to believe in this death. We want to use all of our energy to build socially only in the future for our youngest.

The promise we make to youth and students is "Justice, Justice, Justice". This Social Justice issue, for a better future promise, for quality jobs and a comfortable life, for decent pensions taken at a reasonable age, to redistribute fair wealth, for YOUR FUTURE we will be clear in the streets during the first half of December.

What I promise you is that we can change things and get out of trouble!

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