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Francis Joyon, master of the game – Rum 2018 Route – Sailing


Sexagenarian is an older age boat that caps for 7 minutes of the new generation so great, how is this possible? Francis Joyon is only the phenomenon of the sea, which has managed to draw the game pin at the appropriate time on a boat that is with him. In 62, Joyon (Idec Sport) won a Sunday in his 7th participation, the Grand Rhum Black Trail after following 7-year-old 35-year-old François Gabart (Macif) to sleep in the past two hours and spend the line with 7 minutes in advance.

"Hat, Mr. Joyon! A phenomenon, Francis Joyon is an alien. It has almost no team, it does everything quiet, and excuses to ask for forgiveness. He is out of command, this man", the first preliminaries, Michel Desjoyeaux, also the winner of the Black Rhum Trail but in 2002."He impressed the rhythm he felt he could keep. François (Gabart) was brought back. Francis (Joyon) did not leave himself", continues to win the double winner of the Vendée Globe.

Leaving 4 November from Saint-Malo with four competitors, three of them were on the powerboat that could fly – it was clear that some of Armel Le Cléac (Banque Populaire), Sébastien Josse ( Edmond de Rothschild) and Gabart – Joyon part of the favorites. But from the beginning, he entered the "warrior" mode, as AFP told Gwnénolé Gahinet, who was responsible for running the big man. "At the beginning of the race, it was very fast. And after we've been used! We used to see it at 110%! He really is someone who has an exceptional mind, he knows that unlikely things are similar"said Gahinet.

I'm glad

Indeed, no-one would have won Winon's victory as Gabard kept the bar. But the 35-year-old seafare was suffering huge damage due to the storm of the early days, and realized that Joyon's veteran was quick. "Mainly, Macif's technical concerns needed to be a penelin to end up at the end but there's something quite powerful in the way Francis came to this race. He was in a state of mind where he has nothing to prove, he does to pleasure, for the beauty of the sport. And this eager to hang this victory plays a lot"said Gahinet, who also presents"The great maturity of the sailor and boat".

Joyon (Sports Sync) and Gabart (Macif) on the Rhum du Rhyl 2018

Joyon (Sports Sync) and Gabart (Macif) on the Rhum du Rhyl 2018AFP

Everything was played on the last meters, when Joyon and Gabart are close to each other in fight with the contact, because Joyon is not his doctor very little, rather than a man of records. "This is a highlight here. He pulls the pin of the game"said Desjoyeaux.


Always hunting a helmet for 2 hours of arrival, Joyon plays tactics and is placed in front of Gabart, in his axle, to go on the finish line. The Maxi-trimaran son was blocked by the Syncwydd boat site, and Joyon pushed his competitor exactly where he wanted to go to Sandbar to become the master of the race. "Francis kept good, he did not worry, he was handling his boat well. In this type of battle, you need to have strong nerves. There's a lot of luck but an opportunity we know how to take it. Francis is a good quality taker, when it was presented well, he did not pass the passport to a relative", analyzes Jean-Yves Bernot, the Gabart router after having Joyon for many years.

Bernot, who knows both sailors well, knows the two with a very special style: "Francis sees things coming, he's experienced, never panic, even in the worst situations, he's amazing, he always has a lot of look back. Francois assaulted him. It's incredible to understand and attract".

Although there is an impressive record man, Joyon is still shocking everyone on this Black Rhum Trail. "It really impressed me. It was always obvious, responsive, always ready to move, when we asked for the fact that he had enough energy"Gahinet said he was delighted with the symbol of this victory.In a world of offshore racing where teams are more and more sophisticated, the marine sense that has been more important. As a matter, we can do beautiful things with a little bit of way".

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