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For your heart's health, adopt a dog! – 10/05/2019


Daily movement and avoidance of social isolation enable older people to fight cardiovascular disorders. But it is not always easy to move daily. What if you adopt a dog? This is the message of the French Federation of Cardiology through an original campaign.

Attitude and loneliness. Today in France, women have a life expectancy of 85.3 years and 79.4 years for men. Unfortunately, as he was called back by the French Federation of Cardiology (FFC), "the two sexes live sixty years in good health because of silence." A situation affecting the functioning of vital organs such as the heart.

Another adverse situation for cardiovascular health: loneliness. "Someone who is in a position of emotional uncertainty sees his risk of developing a 29% rise", continues the FFC. Extreme loneliness increases tobacco and alcohol use, lack of exercise, stress, depression, poor nutrition … t

"Older people must be particularly aware of their lifestyle to age well as they enjoy life," he said. "Exercising 30 minutes of physical activity a day, beyond its proven benefits on cardiovascular disease, limits the risk of osteoporosis and saves memory."

And if adopting a dog has helped keep a young heart?

A recent study has confirmed that having a pet reduces the risk of cardiovascular death up to 36%, especially for people living alone. The dog can go out, walk daily … t

This is why the French Cardiology Federation is launching a new campaign (TV and Internet) between 12 May and 4 June to encourage older people to move more with their dog and look after their hearts.

To specify: this campaign runs parallel to the open doors of the Society for the Protection of Animals on 18 and 19 May, where a pet can be adopted.

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