Wednesday , March 3 2021

For the first time, the market parcels are more than letters in Belgium


For the first time, parks and express services were the largest proportion of post sector turnover, exceeding the letters, according to the Belgian and Telecommunications Bureau (BIPT) Post 2017 Post Observatory.

Indeed, the first market has experienced a very strong increase last year, while the second has experienced a phenomenon in the back. The market continued to concentrate last year, according to the Observatory's findings, which looks at the situation of the entire post sector. Therefore, the four main service providers (mail, UPS, DHL Express and DPD) have a share of 83.5% of the common market, compared to 91.4% in 2010. If we are considering only the parcels and the expression segment, much more competitive, this figure is 67.3%.

A letter accounted for 45% of the total turnover in the sector, compared to 49% in 2016. The parks and the express segment accounted for 50% of revenue last year, while the figure that was 46% a year earlier. Finally, the distribution of press at home produced 5% of revenue.

Compared to 2010, there was a 17 percentage percentage reduction of 17 percentage points in favor of the parcel and the most recent discount segment in 2017 (4 percentage points), BIPT details.

In 2017, the parcels and the 19.2% express segment grew, reaching 205 million items (172 million items in 2016). Between 2010 and 2017, the number of loads has more than doubled.

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