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For Enrio Morricone, Quentin Tarantino is a "carrot" director of a shit


MAJ: What happened between Ennio Morricone and Playboy Germany? After the journal announces an interview with the maestro who turns on Quentin Tarantino, he is treated as a "carrot" and claims he hates his films, and # 39; do not answer a letter to The Hollywood Reporter asserting these words to be invented.

In this letter, Ennio Morricone praises the merits of the director of the future film maker Once On Time In Hollywood. For him, Tarantino is one of the best directors in history and says that his co-operation with him has been incredible. He claims he owes him for his Oscar and that this experience is one of the highlights of his life.

Playboy Germany has not yet responded to Morricone statements. Did the magazine actually announce a mock interview?

Here is his letter in English:

"It came to me that Playboy Germany has come out with an article where I have called Tarantino in Crete and considering her carbage movies. This is completely fake. It's never called Tarantino in Crettine and certainly not He is considering his carbage movies.

I am considering Tarantino as a great director. I am very fond of working with me and the relationship that we have developed during the time we have spent together. He is brave and he has a huge personality. I believe that one of the people responsible for taking me to Oscar, which is one of the greatest recognition of my career, and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to compose music for her movie.

In London, during a lecture in front of Tarantino, I clearly pointed out that I considered Quentin as one of the leading directors of this time.

Ennio Morricone "

(10/11/2018) As he just celebrated his 90th anniversary, Ennio Morricone, the story to the 500 movie, has taken Quentin Tarantino.

In an interview with playboy in Germany, the Italian composer was abolished by a director Fake Fiction with whom he worked with the Eight Bastards who won the Oscar for the best movie music.

The 8 bastard

"This man is a baron"said Morricone IndieWire reports."It stole from others to reset their ideas. There is nothing original about that. That does not make it a director. It's not to compare with real Hollywood directors such as John Huston, Alfred Hitchcock or Billy Wilder. They were great. Tarantino only cooks old recipes".

The legendary teacher behind Welsh sound tracks And it's good, and I hate the hyll ac Once on the west continues, according to IndieWire, who do not like Tarantino movies and they are just "cach".

Then they are residing in their co-operation. "He's currently calling last minute and wants a finished score a few days later. What is impossible and what makes me mad. "

Quentin Tarantino for his part stimulates Ennio Morricone to the highest grade. It follows using one of the pieces for the B.O of Django Anhrefnus he asks the teacher to compose that Eight Budr, the first in the history of his films, was his only B.O. compositions of existing titles.

The 8 bastard

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