Monday , August 15 2022

Fentanyl disease is also prescribed by doctors in the United States


Fentanyl, a highly dangerous drug medicine that has dedicated to some cancer patients, is too prescribed by US doctors, according to a study released on Tuesday by researchers accusing health authorities and labs laboratories .

y fentanyl is a synthetic opia dozens more powerful than morphine and heroin. Sold widely on the black market, since 2016 the largest drug killed by overdose in the United States.

But the drug is allowed, in the form of dragee, lollipop or spray under the tongue, for cancer patients who is suffering from pain that conventional opiates can no longer calm, and only to them.

a program It is expected that the Federal Food and Drug Administration, FDA, since 2011 will oversee this limited distribution of ventilat, but according to experts from the University of Johns Hopkins, it was shown that this program was ineffective.

Of the thousands of patients who received a prescription of fentanyl, between one and a half should not have received it.

Half did not know that fentanyl was only known for some cancer patients. One in five doctors did not know that too.

Therefore, fentanyl is prescribed is wrong back back pain or chronic headaches.

"The whole purpose of the program was to prevent the very kind of use we observe"said Caleb Alexander, co-director of the Drug Safety Center at Johns Hopkins and co-author of the study published in the American Academy of Medicine (Jama) journal.

"There is no doubt that people have died after prescribing these products inappropriate"Caleb Alexander, who states that the team of researchers fights four and a half years with the FDA to have 5,000 pages of documents that are related to the program.

Doctors are legally free to prescribe a drug for a sign other than the authorized one. The role of the FDA is to regulate laboratories, not to doctors. The surveillance program, on the other hand, asked the laboratories to exclude the criminal doctors.

"No doctor has been identified and excluded", regrets the doctor.

Opiate overdose problem is recognized as a public health crisis by the US government.

y trial against some doctors who specialize in opiate drug prescriptions, and against some laboratories, but the turning point is "the epidemic"waiting.

FDA spokesman responded Monday by pledging new measures "soon"for these drugs"just prescribe on patients who already tolerate opiates".

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