Sunday , January 17 2021

Facebook reveals how your news works

Facebook has decided to be transparent. The social network is now using a new feature that will allow users to better understand how their news feed is implemented. A button on the top right hand side of each publication will appear soon.

facebook explains how news thread works

In a blog post, Facebook has just announced the arrival of the "Why am I seeing this publication?" Option. Similar to the "Why do I see this advert?" Launched in 2014, it will enable you to understand the presence of all publications in your news feed. "You will have more knowledge and control over your experience" Facebook promises, wants to improve its image, has been damaged after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and dropped 200 million Facebook and Instagram passwords.

Finally, Facebook explains how your news works

With this new option, Facebook wants to explain clearly to Internet users how their previous interactions (a message on a wall, like …) influence grading messages in their news menu. As a rule, the publication that appears in your thread may comea friend, a group you have joined or a page you are following. This is not surprising. To avoid seeing these publications, don't follow friends or pages that worry you.

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The order in which the publications are displayed depending on how often you interact with similar content. If you click on all Phonandroid publications, Facebook will introduce them first. Similarly, if you stop more frequently on videos rather than links, Facebook will show you videos more often. That's not all. The mailing system also depends on the popularity of each job. It is clear that the most popular and popular publications are published.

Facebook announces the introduction of new shortcuts to personalize the news food

To help you manage and modify your thread, better t Facebook announces shortcuts to privacy rules, as See first or Do not follow anymore. "We want to facilitate the management of your news food" ensures the stage. Similarly, Facebook will also allow you to censor some words in your fresh news.

Eventually, Facebook has made improvements to the tool "Why am I seeing this advert?" understand why an advertisement appears on your feed. " We have received valuable feedback over the years which has enabled us to expand the information we share with users. Securing the social network. Facebook will now let you know specific information that has prompted an advertiser to show you an advert. For now, Facebook doesn't say more. What do you think of these changes?

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