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[EXCLU] The Miz: '; To destabilize AJ Styles, you have to get into our head! # 39;

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A few days ago, Catch-Newz had the chance to meet WWE Superstar, The Miz. Interview only donated to Catch's media in France, Shane McMahon's opponent in WrestleMania in the future has given us the keys to succeed AJ Styles to WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge To be held in New York next weekend.

The Miz will be instructor to one of those who reach the final. We are talking about how we hold this mission and how we hope to encourage its foal. Kofi Kingston, Big E, Paige and Amber Moon will also be helping the finalists.

My role is to be the best coach for those who will be in the semi-finals. There are also other coaches: Ember Moon, Big E, Kofi and Paige. So we'll all help them to face AJ Styles. AJ is good at the circle, but there is a real ninja in video games. This guy is playing video games every day! So winning the million dollars will be a difficult task.

My job is to help the best person I have to train. On the other hand, the person concerned would do better to know how to play. She will have to know all the techniques of WWE 2K19. It would be better to play every day to be ready this Friday, before TakeOver NXT. We will be seen by millions of people on all platforms, on social networks and on WWE Network. They will be broadcast everywhere, there will be a lot of pressure to win this million dollars and face hero, AJ Styles. It will be a life-changing evening. A million dollars change life. My job is to help the participants.

In the early afternoon, we became aware of the identity of the 4 finalists.

– David Hoey (Australia)

– Romanßard (Germany)

– Stephan T. Benson (United States)

– Gregory Davis (United States)

To learn more about their profiles, click HERE

The semi-finals can be followed as soon as possible 17h (French time) Friday, only on 2K and WWE networks but also on Youtube channel,

WWE 2K announced that the final would also take place Friday here at 00:30 French time. It will be broadcast on WWE's social networks but also, more surprisingly, the FOX Sports digital platforms, the new land of SmackDown Live next October and the UK Network's historic broadcaster, USA Network.

The show takes place live from the Barclays Center in New York.

To win, the coach Miz seems to have found the best solution to beat AJ Styles on his own field. It doesn't delay taking advantage of one of the wrestler issue 2019 star weaknesses of the 2K video game.

Listen! I have talent to draw people's attention when playing video games. And I believe that the best way to draw AJ's attention is to get into his head and make him lose focus. That is what I intend to do.

Discover " awesome In any situation, SmackDown Live's tenant seems to enjoy playing with his own character. Miz tells us more.

It's not strange playing his character in a video game, it's amazing, we are honored. When I started WWE, my dream was to be in a video game. There are always things that we could ask the developers to change, but they did a great job. The gameplay is liquid, it's fun, it's exciting and the graphics are impressive. Every year they do a great job with WWE 2K. So what I expect the most each year is the release of this game.

Wrestler and geek in life, Maryse's husband seems to have a weakness for a well-known game " t Clash of the Clan If you also play this game on your mobile, it's likely that you will meet it on the battlefield, a fan of 2K productions, it's also an experienced player on t older games like " t Mortal Kombat ".

I'm a fan of every 2K game, but I would like too Mortal Kombat a every fight game more generally. I always play The fall of the Clan, I don't know whether people still play this, but hey … This is the video games I like to play.

It also seems quite happy with the 2019 edition of WWE 2K.

I don't think I'm as creative as 2K. I wouldn't add anything to the game, they're doing an amazing job, we won't change anything. They always do everything they can to provide the best possible game.

Always the first. That is how the Miz sees the year 2020. To perfect his leadership, there is no doubt he will have cover o WWE 2K in the near future.

I think I should be on all WWE 2K covers. Every year, I wonder why I'm not on the cover. I should be higher at the sites. One day, I'll be back on it, I've been at one time, hoping to find my place. Time will say.

Husband, wrestler, reality star, gamer, but how is the Miz to be everywhere?

To be honest I don't know. I don't know how I do it. When over, we talk about it, it's funny. "Miz and Mrs"It's a big job, my wife is involved and the product is extra, there's a lot of work every day, and there is also WWE Superstar in the world's biggest show: t SmackDown Live. There are also PPVs WrestleMania who's coming is without stop. "Miz and Mrhappening April 2 and it's one of the programs I'm very proud of. I would like to be appointed to Grammy for that. Let's talk. Our funny program that everyone will love. I can't wait for people to see this second season on 2 April, just after that SmackDown Live. I try to be the best possible father with Monroe and I have a new child who also arrives. I'm trying to be there for my wife, she's an amazing mother. I cannot ask for a better life. And when I have nothing to do, I would like to have more things to do. I make sure that I always put myself to the utmost and entertain the audience.

A few days away from WrestleMania 35, where Shane McMahon will face, it seems that the Miz has big potatoes. We promise to us new Miz … like the new Daniel Bryan?

I'm preparing for WrestleMania play in WWE 2K19my motivation is to beat it. Everyone I am going to tell Shane will be told SmackDown Live and we'll see a new Miz arriving WrestleMania.

Big mouth, The Miz seems more sensible about learning French.

Uh … I'm. I always sayMy name is MikeWhen Maryse speaks French to my mother from my front, they are often going from English to French, so I say so, otherwise we're always speaks English.

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