Monday , January 25 2021

Elon Musk reveals Raptor, an impressive SpaceX engine [VIDÉO]


The Raptor must allow the Starship launcher to transport passengers to the moon.

It has empowered and inflamed green flames. Raptor is not a dragon, but a small engine name that is equipped with Starship, a test flight should not be long. Enjoy, Elon Musk sent two videos on Twitter to present the beast.

A full look

Both pieces released on Sunday, February 3, were filmed at SpaceX Headquarters in Texas. As a whole, a crest of these rocket engines should be provided to the engineer who will enjoy 200 tonnes of spray. In the case of the multi-color show that presents the canvas, the head of SpaceX and Tesla explains that " the green color is due to saturation of the camera or a bit copr from room to combustion ". The first flight to the Moon is still for 2023.

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