Monday , August 15 2022

Dr Bouillon leaves Mons in Better: "MEM gives me a sword from Damocles over the head"



There are disagreements on the social aspect and candidacy on the Destexhe list on the origins of the divorce.

Dr. David Bouillon calms the political spirit of Mons, announcing that he left the Mons en Mieux (MEM) movement led by Georges-Louis Bouchez. The surprise is not complete as the clouds have stacked for some time. The air was crowded even when David Bouillon announced last Friday to join Alain Destexhe's list for the May elections. Until then, links were maintained. Georges-Louis Bouchez even took the opportunity to remember that MEM was a pluralist movement, not an MR list to hide.

However, David Bouillon's new political direction was discussed widely behind the curtains in MEM. Alain Destexhe was known to be very right, the danger of extreme drift was not excluded, some were afraid that Dr. commitment. Bouillon is harmful to MEM. But Georges-Louis Bouchez recalled in Monday's press that the organization's statutes were not broken. If at random, a member of his / her list should omit and undermine the foundations of our democracy, "it wouldn't take five seconds to ban it", Georges-Louis Bouchez published in the columns of the Province.

For David Bouillon, it was too much too much. On Tuesday, the doctor announces that he is leaving Mons in Better. Therefore, he will be an independent member of the municipal council. "Mons in Better puts a sword from Damocles over my head, it's not a healthy way of working t"said David Bouillon.I'm not racist, Alain Destexhe is not racist either. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to develop a social program in his new party. It was not possible elsewhere."

The social, according to the doctor, is a big controversy with MEM. "I've been in the field for over 25 years. No-one can express better the importance and consequences of poverty and social injustice affecting more and more citizens every day and at all levels of social classes."said David Bouillon.But this social struggle that I am leading was not considered sufficient in Mons en Mieux. I am disappointed by the attacks between the majority and the opposition parties. The citizen doesn't win anything. I prefer to work in conjunction with the City of Mons, the CPAS and all the actors involved in health and social issues."

Dr. Monsux's announcement is not about the moment of Mons en Mieux. Bouillon is a surprise. Georges-Louis Bouchez still hopes to change his opinion counselor. Last April, Dr. Bouillon has already announced that he would leave the movement soon after joining him. The debate about the appointment of the Deputy Director General was at the heart of this first disagreement. But after a discussion with Georges-Louis Bouchez, Dr. was. Bouillon has reconsidered his decision and presented himself well under MEM's banner during the community elections, winning a councilor seat. This time, however, David Bouillon reassures us that he will not change his mind.

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