Thursday , August 18 2022

Do not hold Dimata and Trebel about the "Topper"



Fred Rutten is even more wary of Bruges after the 4-0 pick up in Salzburg: "I knew that and made the team stronger."

Fred Rutten has not been in Belgium for a long time but begins to recognize the traditions.
"I can not give the best talk about the current series against Bruges (Editor's note: Anderlecht has been exploited since 1998 at home).
Will you tell me about it too? I want the series to continue but I told players that we did not win a game with the past. Sun, you need to have the knife between the teeth.

The Dutchman is very frightening of Bruges.
"I saw the club taking four goals in Austria but I was in such a situation, because it was on the side of the team that was worn in Europe and played three days after a big league game. The team is even more motivated and you have to be there to win. "

Rutten believes it is anyway. Especially because he sees an increase.
"I saw many teams and teams before I arrived and there was a lot of space between the players, and I think much better than before, but this time I can say, after winning a game, the goal It is for the results to confirm our progress. "

The trainer will not be able to count on Dimata and Threbel on Sunday.
"We may recover Adrien before the playoffs but it depends on rebooting", he said, did not want to say more about the Dimata case.

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