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Diabetes: from disease control announcement, age (west)


According to a study conducted by Roche Diabetes Care France *, 43% of people learning to diagnose type 1 diabetes are split between feelings of fear, sadness, injustice, misunderstanding, and experience some confusion when from the publication of the disease.

And there's something when we'll know what it's waiting for us! Overall, there's a long, uphill way that starts. Of course, not all diabetes is the same and it would be a mistake to make a general, but only a minority can fight to follow the letter to the medical recommendations of letters that, as the announcement, will be punctuate their everyday lives. "Perfection does not exist," my new diabetics told me during my last consultation. That 's fine, I'll be away from the diabetic model.

Pasta dish for 16 hours, permanent thirst, urgent aspirations

My diabetes was found at the age of 14. I have 32 today. At the time it has been in months that I lose weight visually, otherwise, I've "put myself", as during these many times when returning from classes, I'll give a good pasta dish with butter. At 4 pm … Of course, like any diabetic who does not know I drink a liter of water my day and night and the toilet are my second home, but I do not know that these are the symptoms of the disease. The house is large, no one sees me go up at night to make my little moments. "She does not eat enough milk and meat products that's why she's losing weight," said the pediatrician who has been behind me since I was born to my mother. Either. In the meantime, everyone is wondering if I do not become anorex, although I'm sending shells regularly in the afternoon!

August 1999: Oleron Island. My parents, my brother and I live in a caravan of about 10m2. Promotion helps, my mother, nurse, discover my impressions at night. It's beginning to worry seriously and then it's diabetes. Address of the analysis laboratory. result: presence of sugar and acet in the urine. Sureness is not allowed now. A local GP tells my parents that it is not very much, that I'll have to have pills. Obviously, this man did not have enough subject in this subject during his medical studies.

Having hospitalized in an emergency because it is close to a diabetic gum with glucose that dries out all the counters – about 6 grams of glucose per liter of blood if I remember correctly – i & # 39; Find me in a pediatric ward that's not "stalled" true on the subject. What leaves me incredible holiday memories.

The shock of the announcement

"You will have to give all your life to survive". That's how I was told at the time, in hospital. I remember teasing in tears. Then everything has been canceled: I was told about this disease, that I will have to give insulin checks and glucose checks in the daily blood and several times, which I have to do to pay attention to this I eat, I can not drink a glass of syrup when it's singing to me. During this week of hospitals I discovered who would become my best friend of life: the Coca Cola Light. Thank you, at least I can take part in pots or birthdays without "farting" my sugar.

Then came the hour of first hypoglycemia. Sweating, tacycardia, fog in front of the eyes… I do not really understand what is happening to me although I have directed me during workshops. I turned Gremlin and angry with the nurse. It's usually one of the "signs". My mum and my sweetheart can testify, they will become my favorite "hypo victims" in the coming years. Because I've made thousands and it's never really desirable.

Self-control everyday is difficult to accept

At the end of a week, I got my worms just as big (the condition without which no to leave hospital). A new life starts for me. Every six months I have to consult a diabetologist to try and find all the therapeutic scheme that's suitable for me. At college, I go to hospital to tie, I'll spend prying in the canteen … It's complicated at this age to control disease kind, especially as it is not always understood and surrounded by a crew of prejudices ("Ah, but you're diabetic because you eat too much candy?" Uh. .. Na). Very often, I find myself discomfort when, in hypoglycaemia, I am not eager to ask to go out of class or to eat sugar in a full course because of fear of being " show "all of my fellow students from some of the teachers too stupid to understand how crucial it is.

And then the years pass and the tragedy (I can remind you that I am full of adolescents): I can start to complete my own glycemic record – monitoring. I'll do a "fake" for the diabetics just to make it happy. I can spray random doses, with a small option for 16 units know why, I do not know … I become more prominent and I get worse and worse in my skin. Lighting! What if I give the best to put my injections? There will be no insulin = no storage of fat and sugars thrown by the urine! You are my diabetic women who read me, you know very well what I want to talk about. While I'm there, I do not do my blood sugar checks either. Going from the eyes … I said to myself, without hesitation, that I may not really be diabetic and one will find that I do not need more treatment. I am stronger than this disease, I will fight it. self-improvement me. I'm going into total cam deny and refusal.

Time graffiti error It has two hospitals for this sudden stop ketosis ; One that caused me to turn so remarkable legs that I came into the street floor one night; the other because I cast without one morning interruption and I have to call firefighters because I'm compromised. At this point in the story, you'll probably think "But what are his parents unchanged?" I'm obviously hiding everything from them. They have always supported me at this event and have been affected as much as I but after all, I have my illness, it's necessary I take it SO ONLY the maximum. We can not carry this burden to those of their scope. Especially when one is about to go into an adult.

Obviously these two hospitals and glycated hemoglobin at 14% do not immediately allow me about the risks that my behavior represents, but in the following years I will try to respect my workings so that I can . There are shortcomings. I'm motivating myself a few months and then I start not making any more checks but I still make my injections. In 2013, I'll be too tough of diabetes contact in some way. Then I have a click: I can not do anything any more because I do not want to have to relocate a similar situation. I improve management level.

Diabetes, mental remuneration for life

New technologies help me a lot. Today, I have FreestyleLibre to control my blood glucose (farewell to the shooters that shoot on your fingers) and insulin pump, the Omnipod. I've always refused to wear one, never say ever! These devices will help tomorrow's diabetes control better and get the disease easier I'm thinking … I was not so lucky twenty years ago. I also apply the principles of functional insulin therapy (which is to adapt insulin doses to the number of carbohydrates used at each meal). A good way of balancing your diabetes without depriving yourself of anything when years ago, the discussions on food were much less flexible.

Of course, everything is not rosy every day, I'm often tiredespecially when I have hypoglycaemia at night, it's hard to give my illness as much as possible as I should, I can fear possible complications … I do not think I can really accept it day. It's always unfair to get sick, and to me diabetes has taken some of the freedom I can never get. A few days ago I was reading a blog post written by a diabetic who was talking about "the burden of diabetes". She's fine, it's always there in a corner of my head, remembering many things to do.

Of course, everything is a question of personality and everyone controls in their own way. Some do not talk about it and treat themselves in their area, others are devoting a YouTube channel or Instagram to encourage others (and motivate themselves too, without any doubt). Our choice is to choose how we want to manage ourselves (or not). Those who accept it, others who do not accept it. But in the end we have no choice: it's fun or finishing amputated, blind or dead. I am angrily I know, but we can not hide the face. Despite developments in research, diabetes is still a disease that can not be improved.

* "Diabetes: towards increasing patient", in partnership with Harris Interactive, November 2018.

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