Thursday , August 11 2022

Decide after the defeat in Ghent: "If we had played, we could have found at least a point"



"We lost in the first half," Renaud admitted Emond after the Standard Orders at Gent (2-1) on Friday's Jupiler Pro League microphone.

"They were better than us in dolls, in an aggressive," it's still. "We make poor choices, badly pass in anti-drafting when we got the possibilities, they've been killed at the end of half time, it's obvious that we do not fit with us, We came back too late. I do not know how to explain but we have trouble moving against the big teams, we will have to work on it. "

Jean-Luc Dompé: "This victory is important to us"

"After many negative consequences, this difficult game has been achieved, we are happy, it has been several weeks since we have had many opportunities but have not been able to score, I hope it will continue. 2019 started with a win and subtracting and then made these negative results, we had to turn quickly, we met this week, we thought it was wrong and we did not correct I did not prove it, just to make a good game. "

Dylan Bronn: "We have to focus on the next games."

"We have seen from starting the game that it is an assault defense game and that we have to continue to be solid and welded, we often have difficulties in reacting in this kind of meetings and we have to we spoke to each other to This last game, we could have lost some clubs like Anderlecht, it was not true but we should not look back, we have to focus on the next games.

Michel Pledge & Homem:

"I think everyone sees it, we did not play, there was only Ochoa and Vanheusden, we could see that Gent suspects that there is a lot of space, but we did not succeed, nothing, compulsory nor safe, we try to practice good football so we try to trust this team too in the big games. You may need to think about changing his rifle but the restrictions to change will I need to think about it because it is repeated too often Today, with all my respect to Gent who is still sure, if we had played it, usually not good Okay, I think we could at least bring a point back if I do not win this game.

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