Monday , June 27 2022

Damso: the rapper is back in the studio!


On his social networks, Damso rapper shared some publications where he appears to be well back in the studios!

For several weeks now, Damso is really sensible on his social networks. The young man who had made a cigarette with his album "Lithopédion" in 2018, it has been very small since its fans were disappointed. Indeed, several months ago, people were amazed at where it was. In fact, he had decided delete all its publications on his account Instagram.

And according to several rumors, this great home on the social networks would be the sign that the rapper will launch a major project. Many networkers hoped to return " with dirty" . But a few days ago, Damso was appears. In fact, Nekfeu recently unveiled the new trailer for his upcoming film "The Wandering Stars". And on his video, oh many fans have seen Damso. He also shared several jobs on his Instagram account.

Damso makes his appearance alongside Nekfeu but also Shay

On the latter, he promised it soon back in the studio. He has put many clues on the Web to his fans. Initially, she took part in her Instagram story: "I'm going back". And it's obvious recording studios. Soon after, Damso had been with Ritchie Santos. The latter is his producer but also his DJ. Moreover, the rapper has also brought his hand touching the t Shay's new album "Antidote".

In an interview with Rapelite, the singer said: t Damso is someone I know personally. We have known each other for a long time. And there are things I told him that I can't say in music. It's asking me why. And I told him I can't do it. One day, I rang to a he had written the text. And it's mad, because the words are so well chosen. I'm true » t.