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Cutting traffic, flying roofs …: strong winds cause significant damage


yThe Royal Institute of Meteorological (IRM) has set the entire Belgian territory on yellow warning with strong wind barriers this Sunday. The notice will expire at about 20h. Part of Flanders, in the north west, even went under an orange warning.

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► The storm is its first victim

Train traffic disrupts

Commented on train traffic in Flanders West and East at 13:30 on Sunday, says Infrabel. Contents: trees, branches and other objects that are carried by the wind and fell on the rails. Rail traffic between Antwerp and the Netherlands border has also closed.

Bruges station was also removable due to the risk of demolition of a nearby building.

There is also a disturbance of traffic in Wallonia, the circulation of lines 125 and 139 is interrupted.

Traffic interruption in Bruseel circle in Groenendael is due to the collapse of a tree, identifying the traffic flammable center. Two lanes are also blocked in the outer ring at Beersel and the police closes the tunnel between Tervueren and the Leonard junction.

In Flanders, many trees drop traffic, especially on the E17 at Beervelde, on the E40 at Bertem, on the Antwerp Ring in Trerein and on the A12 at Meise towards Brussels.

Part of the roof & Bruxsel Docks fly away

In Brussels, pieces of your shopping center Bruxsel Docks were flying back to the road.

He broke a tree at Chazal Avenue near Meiser.

Stib's public transport is also disturbing: many tram lines and buses are worried. Lines 3 and 7 are cut across De Wand and Van Praet. "A tree fell and thrown off cables above. It will take time," said Stib Françoise Ledune spokesman.

A similar problem causes a traffic tram cut 81 between Albert and Marius Renard. The tram line 82 is also disrupted as solar panels threaten to fall from the roof.

A tree fell on a track of 44 tracks. Traffic is interrupted between the stopping of Tervuren and Quatre Bras. Firefighters break the tree. The airlines were not affected. Therefore, traffic can resume immediately after the tree is cleared.

There is no subway stopping at the Beekkant station: a piece of tiles threatens a fall above the entrance.

All bus lines running at the center are all limited to the central station in one address and in the South Brouckère stop at the other address to avoid passing the Philips tower. At this level tiles fall from the roof. Firefighters were fired.

Generally, the circulation of trams and buses is limited in wooded areas.

More than 100 interventions in Hainaut

Wallonia Picardy's emergency services have already interrupted hundreds this Sunday following the damage caused by the storm that has been hit since West Hainaut today. Nobody hurts.

The teams are currently on the floor in all parts of Wallonia Picardy. At 1:30 pm, there were around a hundred interventions
Major Olivier Lowagie, head of the rescue zone of Picardie Walloon said.

Early in the morning, firefighters fought around thirty times for trees and branches hindering traffic, especially on the E42 in Vaulx but also in the Ath, Flobecq and Bernissart areas. The interventions also focused on electrical cables, which meant that Ores needed to get there and where.

After a quiet period, the wind storms became more beautiful at 11:30. Gusts hit the Tournaisis region, where small capitals and arbor fly away, but also the Ath and Basècles regions.

A roof flies to Liège

The high winds took a roof in the Liege region this Sunday, in the late morning, being taught by the police in Liège. Timmermans Wharf and Ernest Solvay Street were closed for traffic at both directions at the Volvo Garage in Liege. A flight from this Sunday came late on the road. The roads will continue to be closed until the end of the intervention of the emergency services.

Boulevard de l'Ourthe in Chênée is also closed in both directions due to large branches of trees that fall on the road and block traffic. At the same time, at the height of Liège, on the side of Sainte-Walburge, the Fosse Crahay ridge is closed to traffic due to the collapse of a board board. Between Flémalle and Liège, there was a flight to flight off and ending on railroads. Trains have to take another route, says Sudinfo.

A number of roofs also threaten flying in the Namur province and many trees block the roads.

The traditional Grand Feu de Bouge is threatened by wind barriers

During this Sunday night, the great traditional fire burge must be maintained. Thousands of people are expected but the organizers have already mentioned potential cancellation on Facebook in the face of bad weather.

The forecasts announce most of the storm this afternoon. Squads should reduce between 17 and 19h to resume normal power after 19h. At present, the firearms scheme is still planned even if it has to be delayed a bit that is not yet on the agenda.

Carnivals have disturbed Flanders

A number of Sunday carnival remains in Limburg were canceled, including As and Bilzen, due to strong wind barriers. In Ninove, in the East Flanders state, carnivals do not have the right to ride on the tanks.

In the community of As, Tom Seurs decided the bourgestre and canceller organizers of the carnival procession after consulting the firemen and the meteorological stations. "
The safety of participants and visitors can not be guaranteed
They said. The Bilzen authorities made the same decision shortly before 11am. At Ninove, in addition to the ban to ride on the tanks, the course of the parade has also been shortened.

In addition, Dendermonde and Montaigu-Zichem carnivals were also canceled due to the strong wind networks, which published the bourgestres of the 2 Flemish areas.

Antwerp and Planckendael zoo are closed. "The safety of visitors and animals liesHe said to prole a door.

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