Friday , October 15 2021

Coronavirus: A Drug Successes to Stop Coronavirus Transmission in One Day


This scientific study was conducted with ferrets. These animals have respiratory tracts similar to those of humans and can be infected with coronavirus. This virus remains a mystery in every way, the news arriving changes over the studies. This research uses animals and is largely theoretical, but not practical. In fact, even the form of infection of this coronavirus is not clear, it has changed over time, if the results of preventative measures are analyzed, they could also change soon, given their lack of effectiveness. Until a 100% safe way of avoiding an infection, which does not currently occur, is found, the drug they used with the ferrets can provide some light at the end of the tunnel. .

Scientists rely on ferret study to test coronavirus drug

Given the apparent ineffectiveness of preventative measures to prevent the coronavirus, infections continue to increase alarmingly. People who come to the emergency room do not know how they were infected, and the secrecy of how the virus spreads is a reality. It seems that this new coronavirus does not contain schedules or masks, containment is the only way to prevent it. To avoid future restrictions or obligations that extend over time without a pandemic response, a team of scientists has gone to work on a new drug that prevents the transmission of coronavirus.

In the hope of power in this way and eliminates the possibility of the virus spreading. The results are promising, 100% of the ferrets that underwent this test successfully eradicated the virus. This way, you can start defending the weakest really effectively.

This is the study conducted with ferrets that promise to prevent the possibility of coronavirus infection

An oral drug prevents transmission of coronavirus in 24 hours

The journal Nature Microbiology was commissioned to publish this study.or it could help to win the fight against the coronavirus effectively. The whole world is trying to stop the spread of a virus that is hitting our country more than ever. The ferrets used in this recent study open the door to hope. The key to beating the coronavirus is the aim of this study to prevent widespread community transmission until vaccination.

It is taken orally so that treatment starts quickly. It hinders the progression of patients to a serious disease, which is very encouraging. It also shortens the infectious period to reduce the emotional and socio-economic cost of isolating patients for a long period of time and effectively ends epidemics. As shown in this study conducted with ferrets.

The drug MK-4482 / EIDD-2801 has good response over a broad spectrum against respiratory RNA viruses and oral treatment of drug-infected animals. It reduces the number of viral particles spread by several orders of magnitude, and thus reduces transmission. Ferrets do not develop the disease seriously, but suffer from it as young adults, in a mild, moderate or disproportionate way.

Researchers infected the ferrets with coronavirus, they treated these animals with MK-4482 / EIDD-2801. Until verification that the ferrets have begun to eradicate the virus through the nose. They sent back those who had infected the rest of the ferrets and none of them were infected. Some of the ferrets were treated with placebo and were infected when coming into contact with the virus. There are still many unknown things hanging in the air, this virus is not like the others. Sharing views on how to deal with it or the measures applied in each country gives different perspectives.

What is to some scientific test, to others it has not been proven, it is just another theory. A few months ago children were very infectious, now they could barely transmit the virus. In a few months or weeks, we may discover something more about the virus, seeing the progress of the world and the measures that each country is taking on its own. There is no reliable criterion, or result that invites hope, China was the only country to stop the virus, avoiding the second wave present in almost the whole world. The way it is done can be effective, isolating the positives and avoiding contact with the rest of the population. Community transition in the world’s largest country stopped quickly with massive testing and full border control. This study with a drug that helps treat the virus and prevent it from spreading so quickly, by effectively cutting transmission, may be a little door to hope.

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