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Community – Did you say "Nintendo Switch Mini"?

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Recently, the talk about a Nintendo Switch Mini have to woven on the canvas. This is not the first and maybe not the last assumption everywhere. In this mini folder, (to stay in tone) we will go back to all these rumors and try to understand why they are so persistent.

After release in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch Suddenly, thank you, this time, to a simple and powerful concept: that's the hybrid consol. But right out of the consol, a statement jumped in view of the analysis company Citigroup. In April 2017, these New York analysts say on the site Bloombergchildren may have difficulty using it Nintendo Switch due to its size and weight in portable mode. So they assumed that Nintendo releases a new model to solve this problem. According to them, this version would be smaller, lighter, portable only and could be called Switch mini or Mini Change.

The name will be launched and the net panels! Members and celebrities forum NeoGAF Even create a concept of art concept, instantly out of their imagination. According to these users, this new version would allow Nintendo to reduce production costs by creating a machine without Joy-Con, close to it Playstation Life.

Mini Concept Nintendo Switch

The rumors continue to defeat the net and we have even promised relief from the consol in 2019. In December 2018, the magazine Forbes questioning Reggie Son-Loved, current president Nintendo or America, and asks him the serious question about theoretical departure Mini-Switch. Of course, leader Nintendo or America He answered in the negative. It would have been taken forward to announce a new consol shortly before the end of the year's celebrations, changing the old model to a product that has expired. Nintendo He would have shot himself in the foot. Reggie He simply answered that Nintendo he must continue his efforts so that their activity continues to grow during this period, but also during the first quarter of next year. This is still very stubborn, but the efforts indicated by Reggie can edit a new model of Switch.

Change … that does not change?

It's also through a daily basis Nikkei that and mention a Mini-Switch appears on the net. The arguments on creating this version are the same as some Citigroupbut Nikkei adds disorders to tap the console on the TV. Yes Switch who is not switcherait "No. Although this may seem strange at the moment, a Switch-mini without a doc quite thought. In comparison, the main feature of the 3DS was 3D without glasses. And in 2013, Nintendo leave the 2DS, the same console but without 3D, which is suitable for children.

y Nintendo 3DS It's almost 8 years old, it's a long time for a mobile console. In comparison, Nintendo DS He stayed 7 years in the market. Nintendo so you must consider replacing its mobile console. And even if we can reasonably think that Nintendo Switch is the natural successor of the 3DS, The Nintendo continues to provide 2 consoles in different games. Not sure that the last small portable before releasing a new machine?

Market has to share, to better control

The mobile video games market has now split into three types of entities. Firstly, technological games for teenagers or young adults as it is Playstation Life a Nintendo Switch. Then come smart phones, is perfect for a more casual game intended for a wide audience. Last, rough portable consoles for children like that 2DS form the third type.

Nintendo try to cover the entire video of the mobile video game. As well as a hybrid complex, we note that its involvement is increasingly important in the mobile market, for example, the recent announcement of Dr Mario ac Mario Kart Tour who will come out this summer on a smart phone. But it's still an unfinished belt: the children's mobile game and this public are that the Mini-Switch could be offered. Release date for this dating date for 2019 can be quite simple. In fact, in 2001, Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance. Two years later, the Game Boy Advance SP arrives. Then in 2004, the Nintendo DS out, so that the end of the DS Lite so two years later.

Presumed features of Mini Switch Nintendo

Do you understand logic now? Nintendo In general, a new portable comfort model was released two years after the initial model was released, and we are 2019, two years after release Switch. Attainment of the Mini-Switch in 2019 so it is possible from a mathematical perspective. If the new Welsh executive is Nintendo decided to release the consol this year, in my opinion, before a couple of summer holidays, would be ideal. Announcement in May or inE3 It would be a good time. But a question arises: are the two models able to co-live or the appeal of the new model which would expire old ? According to a number of surveys, players are like the hybrid side Switch. Around 50% of respondents play in a mobile and salon, only 20% in a salon and 30% in mobile only.

A chi, what do you think? ? Is it right to Nintendo to release the mobile console that would succeed 3DS ? Is a Mini-Switch Would you like to be interested? Finally, how do you play with you? Nintendo Switch ?

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