Friday , March 5 2021

Christmas tree € 376.000 by Netflix


The tree creates a debate in Rome: the Green is hit by the huge cost spent by Netflix "in a context where families are struggling to end"

376,000 euros. Here is the amount, the lead, which aligns the huge Netflix demand streaming, to sponsor … a Christmas tree. An initiative that will take place, from 8 December (official opening date), in a very symbolic and touristist place: Piazza Venezzia, not far from Colosseum, in Rome. Why is conifer controversy? First, there is a specific context. Last year, Rome had been ridiculous in the world, placing its tree soil unlikely to the size of the Italian capital – it had compared to a toilet brush and made the front page at the New York Times. So his successor watches strongly.

The Christmas trees, in 2017:

The Roman tree, 2018, will not attract so much disgrace as … debate.

As Les Echos says, the Christmas tree, sponsored by Netflix for a total of 376,000 euros (including the installation), will include 500 balls, and the main characters of the Netflix series will be on display, and almost 60,000 LED Lamps with low use.

The 20-meter tree will continue to be illuminated 24 hours a day, something that has never "been seen in the streets" in the Italian capital, says the Rep Repbblica will be transmitting daily. "Self-zone" will also be set to allow Romans and tourists to take a picture of themselves before the tree with the monument to Victor Emmanuel II in the background.

The Igp Decaux company has served as a mediator between Netflix and the city of Rome in this case, while the streaming platform is committed to using an "Italian tree", in accordance with the managing body forests of the country.

Where do I get stuck? At La Repubblica at all times, Green is bored at the huge cost spent by Netflix "in a context where families are struggling to come to an end." Their suggestion? This money could be used for "creating or hosting playgrounds in Rome, which will be in the best Christmas".

In any case, there is a nice nose of the American company, which will succeed in appearing on the streets of Rome while the Italian government will sign the anti-Netflix decree soon, with the aim of the chronology of the media and fight the competition made to the movie industry through streaming platforms, placing a period of 60 to 105 days between the release of films in theaters and their arrival on digital platforms.


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