Thursday , May 26 2022

Can Cyril Hanouna still keep Hideing me to a job?


In 2010, Cyril Hanouna launched Do not touch my situation The program, which focuses on news and media ventures on Thursday in the second half of the night, has managed to stand out in the public's heart. In terms of the strength of this success, it has changed daily following the acquisition of Direct 8 by the Canal + group in the bottom of 2012.

Anti-assault TF1

After reaching channel 8 of TNT, Cyril Hanouna has enjoyed growing success. Over the months, the one who made his first comedy took the lead of TNT audiences. I was released as a new competition ended in September 2016. After making Canal +'s beautiful hours with Newspaper, The Yann Barthès has been deregistered by TF1 to boost TMC's main access time. By pulling out Every day, the host has come to repay this box as strategic.

Strategy lost

During the 2017/2018 season, Do not touch my situation gave me land Every day. Between September and December, the news about Yann Barthès became the leader of TNT between 19 hours and 20 hours. Trend that Cyril Hanouna returned for the second half of the season. But in the summer of 2018, there was a C8 star host for reviewing the TPMP formula. There are many fanzouzes – a name given to the faithful Do not touch my situation – it was an offense not to find the essentials of their rendurnvous everyday. The gap between TPMP a Every day then it's expanded really. Despite a more favorable analysis, C8 failed to regain leadership in TMC. In this context, Cyril Hanouna has once again reviewed her copy mixing entertainment and news. Some people criticized him for giving a mood Job balance, his new second part show, in her daily show.

"Turning in the entertainment"

But Cyril Hanouna did not say his last word. The animator will lead the 10th season Do not touch my situation next season In an interview with Midi Libre, he's sure the show will take " bend in entertainment ". "I want to distinguish this show from Balance tunnell. TPMP will be the joke and TV", he explained. Through Job balance change from Friday to Thursday in the second half of the night of March 14, Cyril Hanouna says that he will keep an editorial line on "Social arguments". "In life, there are times when we're laughing, others where we want to help people, or talk about more important topics. Television is the same. I always want to laugh at my shows", he said. It's still seen whether these changes will be enough to boost the TPMP audience …

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