Wednesday , May 25 2022

BTS is releasing its new album “BE”: a bit tender in these lonely days


South Korean group BTS released their new album on Friday. Called BE, the album features 8 emotion-filled tracks that make a soft, warm cuddle effect in these lonely days.

BTS ‘new album “BE” has been available this morning. It is an album that takes a deeper look at the coronavirus crisis and its consequences on our moods, relationships and plans for the future. So, to help us overcome these difficult days marked by loneliness, BTS offers us a little more tenderness that is more than welcome.

Everyone is involved

“BE” is the most personal album released by BTS in the last seven years. Each BTS member had his or her own mission for realizing the project. They also informed their fans about the process through videos on YouTube.

SUGA took charge of cover art, Jung Kook was the director of the music video and V was responsible for the photo session that came with the album. This photoshoot was also very personal to every member of the group. They all appear in a room with elements that reflect their personality.


Paradoxically, the current pandemic has allowed BTS members to become more involved in the creation of the album. Usually, the group had to go on a massive worldwide tour but everything was canceled due to the virus. So each member had more time to work and participate in all aspects of their creation.

And besides, the Covid-19 is also the common thread of the album. The press release that accompanied the album reads: “BE” sends a healing message to the world. It means: “Even in light of the new normal, our life goes on.” The album thus reflects the deepest thoughts, emotions, and doubts of BTS members.

Life goes on

The title song of the album is called Life Goes On, it was also directly adapted as a music video. Jung Kook, BTS’s youngest member, took care of doing it. Not surprisingly, he is passionate about cinema and has already shared some creations on YouTube.

The clip contains several images shot in the appropriate apartments of the group members, as well as images shot outdoors. At the end of the clip, the atmosphere changes completely and we discover BTS on stage. But behind them, no public, just lights that replace the thousands of fans present at each concert. This film was shot right after BTS’s online gig, “Map of the Soul: ON: E”. For this pretty special show, nearly a million fans had bought a ticket.

The world stops but life goes on

Life goes on tells how the coronavirus changed the world. “One day the world stopped without any warning. Spring didn’t know how to wait, it wasn’t even a minute late. Streets erased by footprints. I’m lying here, collapsed to the ground. Time passes alone without a single excuse“, Sings BTS in the first verse. Further on, they continue: “There is no end in sight. is there an exit? My feet refuse to move“.

But most of all the kind of support is in these difficult times. “Close your eyes for a moment. Taking my hand. Towards that future, let’s flee. ” Because even though the world seems to be coming to a halt, our lives are moving on in despair. So we have to try to make the most of it. All this will pass and then we can continue our lives as before. And we’re sure we will enjoy the little things in daily life a lot more.

Frontman RM also confirmed this message during the album’s press conference. “Whatever happens, in spite of everything that happens … life goes on. This is the subject, this is the motive. ”

Contact the group

Throughout the rest of the album, this same sentiment remains the common thread of the lyrics. Fly To My Room, for example, explain how the whole world is as small as our room during containment. In the ballad Blue and Gray , BTS members sing and rap about feelings of depression and anxiety.

The song Telepathy, despite an old-fashioned hip-hop atmosphere, talking about the different losses we all experienced during labor: we have all lost sight of loved ones, but they are still just as significant. In Dissatisfaction, it is even clearer. This song is about how the coronavirus has made the security of life disappear, but that we have to keep hope because we are strong enough to overcome it all. Latest new song, Please waitis, explains how much BTS is losing fans. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, the group has only performed in empty rooms. Their fans are present online, but clearly it does not have the same flavor.

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