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Brigitte Bardot is shaking with her comments on the Coronavirus



Paque Pierre-Yves

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11-19-20 at 8:47 pm

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11-19-20 at 8:47 pm

The actress trusted
Game Paris

Brigitte Bardot threatens to become Russian if elephants are killed FILE PHOTOS


A protector of the planet and animals, the 86-year-old actress told this
Game Paris the Covid-19. ”
I fear that the coronavirus and other epidemics already on the horizon will set the record straight painful“, starts Brigitte Bardot, in the magazine, for which there are far too many human beings on Earth.
“When the five billion extra human beings on this earth are gone, nature will take back its rights.” Before adding that
“Covid-19 is a form of self-regulation of this demographic that we cannot control. Since humans have no predator other than themselves, only natural forces can force them to reason.”

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