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Biopredix helps you look after your microbiota


After the success in the bookstore of “unnoticed charm of the intestine” and the exhibition on “The Microbiota, the intestinal welfare” which is currently at the Cité des Sciences, we never spoke with the bowel. . And again, it is also called "secondary brain". Luxe Magazine has contacted Biopredix, a microbiotic balance specialist, to find out more … t

What is the microbiota?


The microbiota includes a community of beneficial bacteriaof the name "residents" and of possible pathogenic bacteria so-called transients, which in their duality maintain a perfect balance. In short, they must work together and have a very specific role to play. For this anecdote, if these bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, their weight is still around 2 kg!

What are the roles of the microbiota?

Perfect microbiota: a computer generated image

The microbiota is part of digestion. Thanks to fermentation processIt allows our food to be spent in the best way possible. In passing, the bacteria use some of them for their own food.

We are developing our microbiota during our first years. About 3 years old, his composition is unique! – definitive. In fact, the child puts everything in his mouth to taste his surroundings literally and identifies what he likes and what is not. This explains why the microbiota composition varies from one person to another. The information recorded will be the string of actions of the immune system.
Our metabolism also depends on the microbiota. Think about the many reactions that occur in our gut, like the. T vitamin production for example. some stress hormones are also produced in the intestine. So it's right that our gut is called "The secondary brain".

Dysbiosis and imbalance

Dysbiosis of the skin

As the temporary flora containsdisruptive elements, the microbiota balance is always prevented. It's important just in case dysbiosiswhen this balance is broken, enter the cause and the damage done before starting clear treatment and to target it.
A number of symptoms are alert to microbiota deficiency, such as allergies, chronic mucosal problems, chronic fatigueheadaches, skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, swollen feelings, rheumatoid diseases, vaginal infections, digestive problems, chronic inflammation, t stomach conditions, constipation or diarrhea, lack of concentration, immune weakness, metabolic symptoms such as obesity.

The microbiotic balance

Analysis of the microbiota

This review consists of two parts: quantitative and qualitative. The first aims to identify different microorganisms and distinguish between good and bad flora, with the latter containing organisms such as t yeast, y mold, y pathogenic bacteria a parasites. The second is about looking for possible inflammation, analyzing the immunity and aggressive behavior of plants.

Restore balance

Regulatory intestinal therapy includes a sequence of up to 6 steps leading to body regeneration and improvement. The success of this therapy is based on three elements: nutrition, y stress management and the regeneration of the intestine. To learn more, visit the exhibition on the small world of our intestinal floral – exciting – in the Cité des Sciences!

Microbiota, back Separate bowel charm: until August 4, 2019

"Microbiote" in the Cité des Sciences – Paris

Inspired by the Giulia bestseller and Jill Enders, published in 2015, the exhibition is mentioned t 600 square meters the amazing life of the microbiota. Microscopic universe is as complex as unknown and that doesn't stop surprise, t a real personal marker just like fingerprints! also playful that didactics, the journey begins with exploring a mouth is crashing These come funny sounds! Then a mirror invited by a superimposition, to discover its own digestive organs. You can even go further by "digging your intestines", in other words a virtual autopsy through a touch screen, showing even the smallest details such as cutting the esophagus or million per bowel. Advanced device introduced for the first time in France. You'll know everything about "Super Saliva powers", "The digestive choreography", "The cacabinet" … There is so much to say about this intestine that measures 8 meters long. Finally, you will leave with everyone suggestions i know why pamper your microbiota and start the beautiful season in great shape!

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