Sunday , August 14 2022

Apple: novelties that haven't been published


Apple's spring conference – as expected – was rich in announcements of new services. If the focus was on these new proposals, the absence of some anticipated products was obvious.

Although these products were not introduced during the keynote address, it does not necessarily mean that they will never see daylight. Before his conference, Apple preferred to release these new products rather than introduce them during his keynote speech. The same past, one can imagine that the California company would still provide some announcements in the coming days.


For some months now, rumors about upcoming commercialization in Apple's charging base are increasing. Close to the American company's main address, several analysts and sources close to the record said that Apple had started producing its AirPower on a large scale.

If it was not delivered during the keynote address – it must be said that the product had already been in 2017 and, due to technical problems, it had not been negotiated since – many signs suggest Apple counts. to market them soon. Truly, the new AirPods charging box is described as compatible with this technology. Moreover, the appearance of the AirPower on the Apple site has changed.

iPod Touch

The announcement of the return of the iPod Touch was a reality for many people, and even if the conference had not resulted in the introduction of a new music player, not all hopes are lost.

Indeed, the rumor that Apple was planning to re-launch its range of iPod Touch was based on several clue, including the presence of references to a product of this type. iOS update 12.2but not just.

In terms of AirPower, the company from California would probably have preferred to introduce its new services and assign hardware products, but that doesn't mean they'll never see daylight. Apple could surprise everyone with new ads down the road from his main speech.

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