Tuesday , May 17 2022

"Anderlecht can be in the 2018 Standard"


Will the Standard repeat the stroke of 2018, which has exactly applied then almost a champion? And Anderlecht, a long way away, can play a notable part? After the official qualification for the players 1, this weekend, there are two traditional bands of Belgian football, Thomas Chatelle Analyze and chance together.

For Standard, the consultant does not believe too much a regeneration o & # 39; r backdrop 2018 departures, under Ricardo Sa Pinto. But the club register's progress is under Michel Pledge & Man.

" The team has achieved consistency, regularity and stability, it is less dependent than last year's identity. But he must always fill in gaps in displacement. Thanks to home efficiency, the Standard can lift a great power in play. But by staying so desolate outside, he will not be able to repeat 2018. On the other hand, his ability to move for big games makes it a profile player for players: such as players Carcela, The lestienne ac Mpoku After stimulating motivation, the Standard has proven in Europaligue and in some benchmarking games against Brugge he negotiated games at the top. But euphoria will be less current than last year provided the qualification of the Standard is predictable for several weeks. This time will not benefit from the surprise effect. "

Thomas Chatelle has been involved in Play-offs 1 in the past with Anderlecht. The pre-purple player knows well a hunting situation … and a hunter.

" Anderlecht's qualification is normal for a standard of this standard, but after this classic disastrous period, this is a miracle this year. That is why I believe that Anderlecht can take over the Standard role of last year. The players will be boosted by splitting the points in two, which will now be their advantage. The team will also find quality, with a return such as Dimata, The Trebel ac Bornauw. Not to mention everyone Fred Rutten wake up, release or appeal simply by giving them an opportunity, Obradovic and others Appiah. Verschaeren have playtime, Kums recovers its level, Bolasie determined. Whatever you say, there is talent in this team and in the coming weeks, this talent can hurt. "

Both clubs can also count on experienced coaches, whose strands can be added value.

" Michel Pledge is not equal to galvanizing a team and taking advantage of all the details. As in Bruges, the public's advantage is a real strength and Sclessin is once again a real fort. He also knows how to manage the group, timetable and diversion and pressure to make the opponents. In the case of Fred Rutten, he set his mark without making any noise: the way he has crossed Zetterberg for press releases shows that he is now the head of the club, and only he. "

Can both clubs aim for nirvana, and get everyone back? Thomas Chatelle does not go so far.

" Weight control will be an important element. bread Michael Verschueren says that Anderlecht can no longer be a champion, he does not do anything else: it makes sense to a leader, coach or player to talk out. Standard and Anderlecht are used for high voltage games, and their course in Europaligue, especially the Standard, has allowed them to store experience and speed. But for all, I do not see them doing better than 2nd. On the other hand, I can see Bruges coming back to Genk, especially after losing Pozuelo. Leko's recovery will be injured as Danjuma, The Dennis ac Vossen. It has a better athletic core than others. And with the experience of players like Vanaken ac VormerI will put my grandson on Bruges champion. "

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