Thursday , February 25 2021

an expert indicates the lack of "cruelty" records of breast implants and calls for a moratorium

Professor Corinne Haioun asks for the transitional ban of some types of breast implants, which may be associated with the development of cancers.

Corinne Haioun is one of the pathologists specialists in the Lymphopath network, which lists all lymphoma in France. He is responsible for the Lymphoid Hematology Unit at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil and a member of the Board of Directors of a network related to lymphoma research (LYSA). In recent years, he has been particularly interested in this new disease associated with the use of breast implants: anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALG). This re-issue is part of the "Implant Files" investigation disclosures, run by the international consortium of investigators journalists (ICIJ), where Cell Investigation Radio France is participating.

Francinople: Is there a significant increase in France in the number of large cell anaphlastic lymphoma that is associated with breastfeeding?

Corinne Haioun The number of cases reported in France is 56, with a dozen new cases a year. But frequency of reporting has increased significantly over recent months. We identified five new cases in the fall only. This explains our concern.

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The data we collected allows us to say that the prosthesis we are calling "Texture", o"Rough", is certainly responsible for this new disease. Because in all cases we have been able to look in detail, we see that no lymphoma has developed around a prosthesis with a smooth texture.

Are women who have had cosmetic surgery as well as women who have had a prosthesis to re-create post-cancer cancer?

That's definitely. Today, from the 40 French cases analyzed in detail, we can say that half of the women who develop lymphoma have a history of cancer. Other diseases developed after cosmetic surgery.

Is there a difference between a microtextured prosthesis and a macrotextured prosthesis? Can microtech implants be a risk?

They can. We have observed cases of lymphoma on micreotectured prostheses. This information still needs to be deepened. The problem is that there is a lack of serious records in France, tracking breast implants. There is an antique work that we must do, to see all the files of patients who have developed a lymphoma. These women do not always have the cards that indicate the type of prostheses they have been given to. And sometimes they were cared for in several different surgical sites. It is very urgent that a national register is set up to track this information.

Given the data that you have, should we give us the best to install a textile prosthesis in France?

I believe so. My conclusion can be a bit quick because the number of cases remains quite limited: 54 cases, while 450,000 to 500,000 women are estimated to carry breast implants in France. But in terms of aesthetics, it's still relatively simple, it seems to me that today it is not appropriate to issue text implants on these women, at any unwanted rate & # 39 Very nasty. and not let them know about the alternatives. Prosthesis is not the only way to get dirty that suits them. It's also up to plastic surgeons to answer these questions. There may be a moratorium, transitional suspension while the data is analyzed in detail.

Up to March 2018, in France, the texture prosthesis was the only ones to be repaid by the Health Insurance …

It's obvious that that is not OK. In the US, we put a much less prosthetic texture. And what we learned from the data in our register, as far as the analysis available today, is that a smooth prosthesis does not appear to be associated with the risk of lymphoma & Development n. They highlight more discomfort, certainly, they are causing other problems, but in any case they deserve to be considered in some situations.

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