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Alzheimer's: cancellation results – 02/02/2019 – News


Seven months after the total drugs were described in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and associated diseases, the Alzheimer's Society of France and associated disease related diseases ran between October 9 and 16 November, 2018 in 2,547 people, including 2,463 carers and 84 sick people .
The society draws three direct results of these payments.

The first anxiety disorders associated with the disease: because 52% of respondents, quickening up the treatment suddenly result in the aggravation of these disorders.

The second discovery relates to the residual residue: 2 in 3 respondents took at least one drug at the time of publishing the inconsistency. If 70% of them do not intend to stop treatment (62.5% due to its effectiveness and 20% because their doctor advises it), 20% do not take it any more and 10% think stop it soon because of the cost high. The VAT on these drugs has increased by 2 to 10%.

The final result for patients is to break the therapeutic connection with the doctor: only 55% of people have decided not to take more treatments that will continue to consult with a specialist doctor, while 38% had already given the best visit and 7% considered it.

Finally, the survey shows that 68% of care donors and 77% of sick people believe that research must be one of government priorities. "In the face of government silence", France Alzheimer's and associated diseases have decided to finance a clinical study of € 200,000, which will study the impact of Donpezil's daily dose for patients' cognitive abilities for 3 years. The aim of this project is to provide new concrete results that can lead to the decision to repay these drugs ", explains the society.

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