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4 clichés am y gwin that should not be heard


Taste of banana, poor quality nectar … The Beaujolais Nouveau, released on Thursday, November 15, is probably the best representative of this clichés and # 39 ; n prevent objectively to taste wine

As we tackled the end of the year, here's the arguments that I made to fight four ideas received and to call for a second of pure hedonies.

Beaujolais Nouveau is a poor quality wine

If the Beaujolais Nouveau is an easy to drink nectar whose mouth explodes the fruit, the early wine breaks a variety of aromatic palette, taken by all wines and various vineyards of the Gamay vineyard.

The Beaujolais Nouveau is no longer this uniform drink made to flow without paying attention to the flavor in the 80s and 90s. Apellation has performed real upscale in recent years, thanks to the work of producers who decide to offer their own vision of Beaujolais, choosing for example to make a more or less stimulus (maximum seven days). If the Beaujolais Nouveau is still a communication tool, there is no one yet. The first wine is practiced for two vineyard appellations: the Beaujolais a Beaujolais Villages.

Red wine is impossible for cheese

y red wine The best deal would not be with cheese? The camembert service with a glass of red goes back to old age, when the wine is sitting on the table from morning to night. Its quality was not like that today. We were even eager to cut water. Meanwhile, the cheese was able to hide … the taste. Another assumption is that cheese is served after the meat dish, where red red is usually made, it's easier to continue with the same label.

If red and cheese wine rarely works with each other, concrete explanations are needed. The structure of the drink and tannins, opposing the lactic acid of the cheese or its bitter rash, produces taste of unpleasant metals if you swallow it with a piece of prestige, for example. y red wine It can work when it comes to me old and young fruit. am the oldestThe tannins that have been refined by time will be destroyed by the too definite character of coulommiers.

Sauternes is the only deal that works with foie gras

In a terrain half cooked or fried-fried … The same we labeled as "the biggest wine in the world"traditionally foie gras. A couple doing the game, especially to play the regional map. If the game works, this is the only option. Because, usually, foie gras is served at the beginning of a meal, whether it's as appetizer or as delicious.

By linking it to her Sauternes, whose mouth is sweet, we will only contaminate the flavored flavors, which will have less latitude to find out how the following wines are beautiful.

Sommeliers are more likely to recommend labels that play more on the balance of sugar and acidity, with Alsatian late harvests or a Vouvray fierce. We can even dare to reveal a champagne.

Rosé is not a great win

Diabol conventions: dare to state your flame to pink color! If our European neighbors do not have such a lot in mixing red wine with white wine to make their local roses, French production is a completely different procedure: French winemakers are formally prohibited to do so. .

If his Achilles soup is in his low reserve for the vast majority of labels or in the profusion of decorators who bake their bottles with a dashing label to attract the barge, the rosette is the result of a manufacturing process that provides maximum surveillance at level temperature of pot, especially for those who maceration.

y pink It's just a wine that's fermented for a few hours. Everything is well played over a short time. So challenge. A winemaker must influence its attention and make the right decisions to bring wine with a distinctive aromatic signature. a technical wine which deserves so much attention as white or red.

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