Thursday , January 20 2022

20 minutes – Maybe the sixth sense of his cat might have saved his life


Michelle Pierson adopted a cat, Albany (Oregon) last year. The small animal named Mia may have saved her life. The 48-year-old American tells the chain KGW8: We were sleeping in bed, my husband and I. Suddenly, Mia started in and scratched my right hand. Then he looked in my eyes. He repeated this post repeatedly. Michelle noted that her animal was trying to tell him something. But what?

Worriedly, her wife examined his wife's breast and noticed a lump, 7 out of 7. She wrote to see her doctor. A few days later, the expert explained that she had breast cancer. I'm currently struggling, says Michelle. The last one thinks he would have already lost if his little cat had not warned. As the disease is detected early, my chances of improvement are bigger, says the American.

Michelle says she is now treating Mia as a small princess and pamper as it should be. Michelle's husband is convinced that the cat has rescued his wife, whether or not he has found this cancer. He drew attention to this place, so for me, Mia saved her life, says Will.

* Text made by Diane, 11, as part of a Day's Day of all kinds

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